Pinnacle seat is B/E’s hottest-ever product launch


B/E Aerospace is raking in the orders for its new Pinnacle slimline seat. During an earnings conference call last week, the company’s president and chief operating officer Mike Baughan revealed that Pinnacle has become B/E’s most successful product launch to date.

Key quote:

“Pinnacle has been our most successful product launch and I would say the industry’s most successful seating launch ever. We’re thrilled with the success that we have with Pinnacle, yes, we’ve won some more awards. And we’ve actually had our first delivery. So the program and that launch has been excellent for us. We have been awarded over $300 million or so at this point in awards for that product and that’s pretty much across most aircraft type narrow body and widebody…including 787.”

Speaking of the 787, the photo above shows a Pinnacle seat with Thales’ latest generation in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). See a video of the new product here. The integrated IFEC/seat will be installed on Qatar’s 787s.

Another video worth watching is Thomson Airways’ new 787 interiors video (see below). Thomson has selected Panasonic to provide its IFEC for the twinjet. In fact, the carrier aims to be the first 787 to offer connectivity to passengers (Qatar might have something to say about that).

But as @gabbycat notes, Thomson is promoting a sort of “spa experience” on the 787. Can I get a hot rock massage?

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