Thales, Panasonic in the pool – #AIX10 & #APEX10

On Sunday night, just in advance of the APEX show in Long Beach, Thales hosted a swank reception, complete with projected underwater branding. Panasonic made a similar statement at a party last year in Palm Springs (where the WAEA – now APEX – show was held).

Sadly, while both firms’ branding was under water (in the best possible sense) nobody jumped into either pool (although I saw a few people come precariously close at the Thales event). Hopefully next time!

Thales picture of pool.JPG

Panasonic pool pic.JPG

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  1. Dave September 14, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    You weren’t the only woman there were you? The defense conventions tend to be total sausage parties, not a woman or minority (except me) in sight. Is the civilian industry better?

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