Exclusive: Design Q to reveal new Fusion interior for ABJ at #NBAA10

ABJ Fusion.JPG

On Tuesday at the NBAA show in Atlanta, BAE Systems and Design Q will unveil the next interior design concept for the Avro Business Jet (ABJ). But you can see the first image of the super-slick interior here.

The so-called ABJ Fusion concept takes in the entire length of the aircraft’s fuselage with different lounge areas fused together and punctuated by mood lighting to provide individual pockets for guests to chill out. The idea is borne of high end modern hotel design, encouraging social interaction.

“The market this is aimed at is the charter aircraft market; product launches, sports teams, musicians, celebrities, exclusive travel market and corporate VIP. It is akin to a flying limousine service where the guests enjoy the moment from the time they board through to arriving at their destination and then fly back after the event,” says BAE Systems spokesman David Dorman.

“We believe this concept has much market appeal, particularly in the United States and that the ABJ is well suited to this role because of its uninterrupted interior wide cabin size, aircraft performance (it can transport guests from up country short airfields to the big city downtown noise restricted airport) and the fact that its low acquisition cost means that more money can be spent on creating the right interior ambience”

BAE and Design Q reckon that a total price all in for the aircraft and this type of interior would be between $10-12 million – far cheaper than a brand new mid-sized business jet – with a timescale of between 9-12 months for the conversion.

Design Q’s other work for the ABJ includes designing the stunning ‘Explorer’ vessel concept.

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2 Responses to Exclusive: Design Q to reveal new Fusion interior for ABJ at #NBAA10

  1. Steven Frischling October 17, 2010 at 8:03 pm #

    While the Avro ABJ looks interesting and the US$10-$12mil price tag is attractive up front, I think the draw backs out weight the positives of this aircraft as a business jet.

    The ABJ / BAe146 has a range of around 1800 miles, the RJX has a range of around 2100 miles, this limited range coupled with the fuel hungry four engines aircraft potentially eats up the upfront cost savings. Within some regions the 1800-2100 mile range may be sufficient, however it rules out over-the-water-travel, and effective usage for many in North America and Asia.

    The ABJ’s ability to fly to and from rural short runways is beneficial in some regions, but I would imagine for corporate usage the market is limited.

    Happy Flying!


  2. glen towler October 17, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

    I would love to fly in a aircraft fitted out like that very tasteful having the money to pay for it would be even better and a plane to put in