PHOTO: SkyGem reveals integrated IFE/seat

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Taiwanese in-flight entertainment supplier SkyGem has revealed anintegrated in-flight entertainment seat based on its Sky 1000 IFEsolution at Airshow China 2010. Read all about it here. SkyGem claims it is doing what Thales and Panasonic are doing with their respective systems only lighter, smaller and with less power. Hat tip to our excellent “Wings Down Under” blogger Will Horton for the photo and article.

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One Response to PHOTO: SkyGem reveals integrated IFE/seat

  1. MoJoh November 28, 2010 at 6:32 am #

    Woooahh! That is an ugly, ugly looking seat.
    I can’t see any airline serious about IFEC taking a second look at that eyesore.

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