PICTURE: Not your momma’s IFE


Panasonic Avionics’ new line of ultra-sleek, ultra-slim monitors will change the way you look at in-flight entertainment. Quite literally.

Pictured above, Panasonic’s Elite Series is a family of modern high-performance monitors with processors that enable features such as high definition 1080p media playback and 3D multiplayer gaming. 

With ultra-wide viewing angles and capacitive touch screen, the monitors deliver a clear, crisp image quality “that is superior to monitors with resistive panels”, according to Panasonic.

Additionally, all navigation and PSS controls have been integrated into the on-screen GUI to ensure “an elegant, fluid passenger experience”. 

Available in standard seat-back and in-arm mount configurations the Elite Series is targeted primarily for premium economy, business- and first-class seats, and includes sizes ranging from 11.1″ to 24″. 

So, I know what you’re thinking. What about the next generation IFE/seat monitors that Delta Air Lines and others are bringing to their fleets? Panasonic refers to these low-weight, low-power babies as the Eco Series.

“Unlike traditional monitors that require various external peripherals, the Eco Series Smart Monitors’ integrated design includes the audio jacks, USB ports for PED power and memory sticks, a credit card reader and an optional eXport jack [for iPod connectivity],” says the firm.

“A nine inch version is available in arm-mount and seat-integrated configurations.  The 11 inch versions are available as seat-integrated, as an arm mount solution, or in a traditional seat-back configuration.”

Each monitor has an 85-degree viewing angle that delivers clear High Definition image quality at 720p.

Oh! I can see clearly now!

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3 Responses to PICTURE: Not your momma’s IFE

  1. Roger November 14, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    Something I have never understood is why traditional IFE systems put the headphone jack in your seat rather than on the seat in front near the screen. I always see people struggling to plugin the cables especially as the jacks face away from you and there are several holes for the different styles. It always seems to make most sense for the entire unit (ie the screen, the controller and the jacks) to all be together in front of you rather than having to have wires going between each row of seats.

    I can’t tell fro this picture but they may actually finally be doing that. There are two of something in the lower left in the controller.

  2. Roger November 15, 2010 at 10:40 am #

    At first blush that may seem reasonable, except it wouldn’t apply to someone in a window seat, nor it would it apply to someone in aisle seat who is just getting out themselves. My experience (may not be the same as yours :-) is that people do not get up that much so it isn’t like this is a huge frequent hassle.

    Of course if they made a way to hang your headphones on the seat back without unplugging while getting in and out that would be even easier.

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