US Airways promises not to bring you movies anytime soon

US Airways, my hometown airline, is such a cranky pants when it comes to in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). Not only does the carrier not intend to bring in-seat entertainment to its domestic fleet anytime soon, but it’s not convinced it should offer Gogo in-flight Internet beyond its Airbus A321 fleet (even though we’re all getting used to the option on other carriers).

Here’s US Airways’ reasoning, care of a Q&A in its latest employee newsletter.


Despite being adverse to IFEC, US Airways should be commended for pulling up its operational performance. The carrier has made great strides in improving on-time arrivals, departures and its mishandled baggage numbers of late. The latter achievement is pretty important when your year-over-year ancillary revenue gains are virtually reliant on checked baggage fees (see below). Perhaps if that blue slice gets a bit bigger, care of Gogo, US Airways will change its mind on equipage. Here’s hoping!

US Air chart.JPG

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