Finnair reveals in-flight connectivity plan for long haul


The other day I blogged about a report in AirAsia’s in-flight mag that Finnair is offering OnAir in-flight mobile connectivity to passengers.

It turns out that the AirAsia article isn’t entirely accurate (the carrier isn’t offering connectivity yet). BUT, Finnair has revealed to RWG that it is preparing for a “wireless cabin communication environment” and “mobile unit connectivity for future on long-haul aircraft”.

I’ve asked Finnair if it has selected OnAir as its connectivity provider. I hope the carrier reports back.

At present, Finnair offers in-seat satellite phones at every seat on board its Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft (except one leased ex-Air France A340). SMS messages and e-mails (max 160 characters) can be sent via the touchscreen IFE and answers received back for $2 each, notes Finnair.

Meanwhile, the airline has unveiled a new livery, as part of €10m livery revamp that will include visual changes to the cabin interior, service areas and uniforms (see pics below).

Finnair interior.JPG


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