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AirAsia Captain explains benefits of real-time EFB

A little bit of bandwidth can go a long way in the cockpit, it seems. AirAsia is fitting each of its Airbus A320s with Flight Focus’ Class III electronic flight bag (EFB), which uses an Iridium satellite pipe to bring real-time applications and messaging to pilots (versus, say, the Ku pipe that Lufthansa will use […]

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Intelligent Avionics: “We like being a newcomer”

In the world of in-flight entertainment (IFE), industry stalwarts Panasonic Avionics and Thales reign supreme. But newcomer Intelligent Avionics is eager to carve out a piece of the pie with the introduction of a next-gen IFE system called AURA. I’ve asked the firm’s newly-appointed business-development VP in the Americas, Rob Britton, to guest-blog about the […]

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New IFE News service on the block!

Some days I wish I could write blog posts that would aggregate all the latest in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) news in one place for readers, but time is usually my enemy. Thankfully, I no longer need to feel guilty. There is now a Twitter account dedicated to seeking and tweeting the latest IFEC news. […]

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Aeronautical Mobile Telemetry…we’re at ‘need to know’ basis

Tonight I find myself studying up on aeronautical mobile telemetry, after the Senate proposed that the FAA study the subject as part of FAA reauthorization legislation. So far, I’ve landed on the following required reading – Flight Testing: How the Competition for Spectrum Threatens Aeronautical Telemetry. Oh yes, and this video, which I’m sure you’ll […]

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UPDATE 2: Senate calls for FAA study of mobile telemetry

Amended to note that the House version of FAA Reauthorization legislation apparently contains a provision for a study of cell phones on passenger aircraft. The Senate version, however, apparently does not. The Senate is calling for a study of aeronautical mobile telemetry (click here for a slightly better idea of what that means). BLOGIt appears […]

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Android app allows VIP aircraft passengers to control the cabin

File this in the “too cool for school” category. Flight Display Systems has successfully installed an Android software application for use with its “Select” cabin management system (Select CMS), which allows VIP aircraft passengers to control all cabin functions from their mobile phone or tablet computer. The graphic above shows an Archos 7 tablet running […]

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Kingfisher IFE #Fail – and response – caught on tape

Passengers are notoriously rough on in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, which is why even the most ruggedized hardware requires maintenance by technicians. Aviation Week last year published an excellent feature on how IFE maintenance is getting more proactive and less reactive, so do check it out if you haven’t done so already. Being proactive is especially […]

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Out of the box and into a new AURA

No sooner do we get word that BlueBox managing director Rick Stuart is leaving the firm, when, lo, a new in-flight entertainment company and system surfaces. Coinkidink? Errr. A splinter group from BlueBox, including Murray Skelton and Martin Cunnison, have formed Intelligent Avionics, and launched AURA, billed as “an ultra-lightweight, next generation IFE system”, which […]

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House committee backs off federal ban of in-flight cell use

The tides may be turning for in-flight mobile connectivity in the United States. Long-term FAA reauthorization legislation introduced by the US House transportation committee on Friday omits a provision that would have imposed a federal ban on the in-flight use of mobile phones and VoIP. The provision, known in standalone form as the Hang-Up Act […]

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BlueBox managing director Rick Stuart steps down

BlueBox, the company that promised to turn Apple iPads into in-flight entertainment (IFE) devices and bring wireless IFE to widebodies, appears to be weathering a storm. Managing director Rick Stuart has circulated an email saying he has “officially decided to step down from the Bluebox Avionics Board of Directors” with immediate effect. He explains: “Shareholder […]

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