Android app allows VIP aircraft passengers to control the cabin

Flight Display cabin management.JPG

File this in the “too cool for school” category. Flight Display Systems has successfully installed an Android software application for use with its “Select” cabin management system (Select CMS), which allows VIP aircraft passengers to control all cabin functions from their mobile phone or tablet computer.

The graphic above shows an Archos 7 tablet running the Android CMS software from Flight Display Systems. As you can see, it can control lighting, window shades, movie library, etc, all in the palm of your hand (and in the comfort of your plush leather seat).

“This new software allows us to give the customer full control of his aircraft cabin from the familiarity of his mobile device,” says Jonathan Pinson, the resident Android technician at Flight Display Systems. “This software will work on any Android 2.0-powered mobile phone or tablet with Bluetooth.”

Flight Display Systems says “a Hollywood movie producer who owns a Gulfstream III” is the launch customer for its Android cabin management system software. Naturally.

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One Response to Android app allows VIP aircraft passengers to control the cabin

  1. Anon February 17, 2011 at 2:31 pm #

    Last I checked, while the ‘phone’ could qualify as carry-on, the Bluetooth receiver onboard would require FAA approval. BT is in the same 2.4ghz space that the FAA requires STC’s for any WiFi Ethernet gear, so they should required it on BT too.