Jetstar inches closer to offering iPads as IFE across fleet

Jetstar iPad 0.JPG

Qantas low-cost operator Jetstar is nearly ready to offer Apple iPads as in-flight entertainment (IFE) units on some 48 Airbus A320 family narrowbodies, and begin A330 widebody roll-out around mid-year.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. We’ve been hearing that Jetstar “is poised” to offer iPads-as-IFE for quite some time and it still hasn’t happened.

But key partners to Jetstar – portable IFE provider BlueBox and content specialist Stellar Inflight – appear to have finally made some headway in the matter, apparently entering an enterprise license agreement with Apple and pulling together a proposal that they hope will convince the studios to allow early window movie content to be shown on the iPads (the latter would be a nice-to-have, they say, but is unnecessary for launch due to content alternatives).

Both firms acknowledged the challenges of turning iPads into IFE during a recent APEX technology committee hearing. You can read their entire presentation here. D.Brown_M.Reilly_Introduction_of_iPads.pdf

But do check out the key Q&A slides below (note that nobody is saying a single word about cost, which often means a programme is costing far more than originally imagined.)

Jetstar iPad 1.JPG

JetStar iPad 2.JPG

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