Wireless Avionics Intra Communication (WAIC) in the fray

Knowing that their work colleague long ago caught the in-flight connectivity bug, my co-workers have been graciously giving me plenty of notice when they see something that might be of interest to me and RWG readers.

Flightglobal’s own journalist/editor extraordinaire David Kaminski-Morrow (DKM) is no exception. He has just forwarded me a fascinating presentation from Joseph Cramer, regional director, regulatory policy and international spectrum management at Boeing.

WAIC.JPGIt’s all about Wireless Avionics Intra Communications (WAIC). Now before you get super-excited, and think I’m talking about in-flight connectivity as we normally define it (i.e. mobile connectivity or Wi-Fi for passengers), I’m not.

WAIC is based on short-range radio technology, and its applications are defined as limited to safety applications.

Low-data rate interior applications include sensors for cabin pressure, smoke detection, fuel tank/line proximity temperature, EMI incident detection (oh, good one), structural health monitoring and humidity/corrosion detection; and controls for emergency lighting and cabin functions.

“The issue appears to be where the necessary radio spectrum band will need to lie and it’s cropping up in preparatory documents for the next big World Radiocommunication Conference in Geneva, 2012,” notes DKM.

Read the whole presentation here. PPT4_-_ACP-WGF24-RPW-IP09_-_WAIC_Presentation_(2)[1].pptx

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