AURA blog begs questions…


Former Boeing Australia president David Withers’ guest blogthe other day about the “seat-centric” AURA in-flight entertainmentsystem has prompted an industry observer to message me with thefollowing: “This guy’s claims are huge. He should be called to answerthe tough questions to back up his claims.”

So you want me to use RWG as a boxing ring? Alright, but with onecaveat. I get to play the ring girl (don’t worry, I’ll break out thetanning cream so you’re not blinded by the white).

David (or perhaps another Intelligent Avionics exec) would you be a sport and answer the following? Let’s assume we’re talking about an install on an Airbus A330 widebody for questions number 1 and 6.

1. What does your typical system weigh, all-in including monitors, wiring, installation hardware, power supplies, etc.?

2. How, specifically, do you address media loading? This is a big cost of ownership issue that you have not addressed thus far.

3. You state, “we’ve added intelligent redundancy to the power and data.” That’s very interesting; how have you done this?

4. Describe your relationship with Dell; will they design and manufacture? provide reference design? do they cover warranty?

5. In providing a 99.999% guaranty, that’s essentially saying that yoursystem will never fail, which even you admit is not likely; what, ifanything, are you excluding? for example, do you exclude in-flightreplacement of monitors?

6. Please explain your formulary for your predicted savings of $200k-600K per year in fuel.


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