Poke here, poke there, poke everywhere, including IFE

GuestLogix has teamed with Pokeware to offer airlines a way to generate new revenues by integrating video content and contextual advertising. Essentially, if you see something you like in a piece of video content, you can poke it to learn more about the product, and if you still like it you can buy it.

Key quote from Pokeware founder and CEO Maryse Thomas:

“Airline passengers can select anything of interest in the videos they watch, for example, information about an exotic location, jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, homewares or even music playing in the background of a particular video – the search and purchase possibilities are only limited by what is contained in the video.”.

Read GuestLogix’s entire statement here, but do check out this Bloomberg interview with Thomas, who discusses how Pokeware works. I’m sure there is plenty of work to be done yet (I wonder how content service providers, studios and in-flight entertainment manufacturers will react. I know the latter have been developing not dissimilar solutions, with Panasonic’s neXperience (formerly known as FlightPath) coming immediately to mind).


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