Stand-up seat advocate Aviointeriors reportedly downsizing


Aviointeriors, the Italian firm that showcased a shocking saddle-like stand-up seat at last year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo, is in trouble. I’m not even going to pretend to understand Italian, but this can’t be good. A Google translation of the piece above reads like a sad poem about extremely unhappy workers.

You open another parenthesis

dark and bitter for workers

ex Avio, today

AGW, a company established

Legal unreachable (the

recommended for workers

come back)….

The Avio has sold a t t o ffi

the branch to

AGW which has also become


208 employees; Only

May 6, the company

has replaced the open

mobility procedure for

all, who would be the prelude

of dismissal

all. High Voltage

between employees who

taken literally feel

around since the path

Recovery and possible

development of Avio could

turn into a

hoax. For tomorrow was

convened a meeting between

i r a p p r e s e n t a n t i

you know the company and Rsa

that there is already a ‘plan

B “under which the 208

workers should be

summaries (after ap -

approval of mobility)

by Avio. It looks like a

absurd waltz, behind the

which may in fact conceal

the willingness to use

of social safety nets

and removed simultaneously

half of the

“Weight” of seniority

service and liquidations

because in this transfer

from a holding

another lost almost

all of your rights and

results in a savings

remarkable. Without the guarantees

workers are determined to

implement new actions

protest, those who regularly


the story Avio.

The unions expect

an ‘opening by

company and especially

request that it be evaluated

the practice of carefully

opening of the mobility

AGW made by May 6;

it calls for a careful analysis

composition of corporate

and data

legal representation at

order to dispel any doubt

on the actual need

of social safety nets

required to protect

workers and also of

security agencies involved

in the procedure.

In addition, workers return

to ask for confirmation

sula value of plan

industrial revival presented

when there was the f -

thick of the business

by society

Avio, which did not contain

(Not initially) the supply

of the lease

and related works.

For this reason the meeting

Tomorrow is a fundamental

particularly capable

to shed new light (or

shadows) on the future of

208 employees affected

the mobility procedure.

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