UPDATE 1: Harassing a Delta Gogo Wi-Fi customer in flight

Updated to inform you that Aircell is no longer pursing a video download strategy, and instead is jumping into the wireless IFE space. The solution that will be trialled on American’s 767s requires a content loader and the software and WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MAM! 

I recently sat beside a true road warrior in business class on a Delta Air Lines flight from Newark to Atlanta. Since he is a monthly subscriber to Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet service  – and a lover of the Gogo app – I naturally wanted to tap his brain about his personal experience with Gogo, and how he uses the connection to access his personal music server at home. He’s an Irish music lover. Hello!  I was elated when he agreed to speak to me on camera. Check out our conversation below.

Meanwhile, American Airlines has announced that it is going to trial Aircell’s BRAND NEW Gogo wireless streaming video product (NOT the video Client, aka, the cache/cash machine) on two Boeing 767s, and plans to bring Gogo to the rest of its domestic mainline fleet (awesome, awesome, awesome).

(Warning to future seat-mates – I tend to break out the camera after a glass of wine. Or two.)

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