Boeing testing Panasonic IFE on production 787

eX2 With Handset - Panasonic.JPG

Boeing today began 787 ground testing with Panasonic Avionics-made in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems on board, an industry source reveals to RWG.

The testing is taking place on ZA102, the first production 787, otherwise known as Airplane 9.

Boeing 787 launch customer All Nippon Airways in 2007 selected Panasonic’s eX2 IFE for its initial batch of 787 deliveries, becoming the first operator to select the platform for its 787s.

However, a lot has happened in the last four years, notably IFE manufacturers have seen a lot of their kit sit idly on shelves due to the protracted 787 delay. Additionally, technology has advanced, and Panasonic has added a new, natively broadband Android-based eX3 system to its portfolio.

Will ANA take eX2 for initial 787 deliveries but upgrade to eX3 down the road? Now you’re asking too many questions. :-)

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