Make haste to Flightglobal’s pre-Paris air show interactive mag

Flightglobal is gearing up for the big 2011 Paris Air Show, where our crack team of journalists will be covering the show like no other media outlet. To get the ball rolling, the Flightglobal team has put together an interactive preview issue. Click this link or the cover page below to find out about our live streaming of the flying display, courtesy of FLIR, as well as how you can create your own personalized ‘MyParis’ page to customize the news you’d like to see from the show. The interactive preview also lists the ‘ten aircraft you must see at Paris’ and a Paris survival guide.

At the show my colleague, aerospace journalist extraordinaire Jon Ostrower and I will be back in front of the camera with our fun daily wrap videos and we’ll be tweeting like bandits with the #PAS11 hashtag. We arrive at Le Bourget on 18 June and won’t stop running until we’ve covered the show from top to bottom. If I don’t see you in Paris, I hope to see you here, at Flightglobal.

Flight Paris.JPG

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