I’m not going to use the tired ‘bigger is better’ headline (but it is)

Bombardier’s new CSeries mock-up – unveiled at the Paris Air Show – is da bomb. Yes, I know I’m not a teenager anymore, but even the most jaded, angst-filled teen would be impressed with what Bombardier was doing at the air show (though he/she would feign nonchalance.)

Most notable for this RWG was the fact that Bombardier showcased Thales and Panasonic Avionics’ latest generation monitors in the CSeries economy class seats. Both in-flight entertainment systems looked fantastic, but I gotta admit the Thales Avant – with its 12.1 inches of loven – really wowed.

Even though most airlines won’t offer such a large screen in economy class (excepting Middle Eastern carriers), Thales was smart to feature it in the CSeries mock-up, daring would-be airline customers to dream big while putting its best foot forward from a visual standpoint.

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