Initial application for carbon nanotubes? IFE!

Blink and you might miss it in his article, but Flightglobal defense expert Stephen Trimple is reporting that carbon nanotubes (CNT) may find their way into commercial aircraft cabins.

A US company called Nanocomp Technologies sees an opportunity for using CNT to replace wiring systems in airline in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, reports Trimble, who also authors Flightglobal’s defense-focused The Dew Line blog.

He quotes Nanocomp chief executive officer Peter Antoinetteas as saying: “That application [IFE wiring] is easier to achieve certification for, compared to navigation and safety-critical systems.”

A carbon nanotube is a very, very tiny cylinder, a tube-shaped molecule made of carbon, so we should picture ulltra-thin, ultra-light wiring for IFE.

Read Trimble’s entire article here. And plug “carbon nanotubes” into YouTube for a quick video tutorial. This video explains how carbon nanotubes are 200 times stronger than steel.

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