Game on! Major League Baseball coming to Southwest aircraft


I’m not a big sports enthusiast, with the exception of ladies’ ice skating, but even I can appreciate the gravity of what’s in store for Southwest Airlines passengers.

RWG has learned that in-flight connectivity service provider Row 44 is poised to announce a deal with Major League Baseball to live stream games in video and audio throughout the season on Southwest aircraft.

Over 2,400 baseball games – including the playoffs and The World Series – will be made available on aircraft equipped with Row 44′s Ku-band satellite-supported high-speed Internet solution.

“In addition to the streaming video of games, for those folks who feel like they want to listen to the game – but still want to get that spreadsheet done – they can listen to their home team radio announcer on any game,” says a source.

So, in short, if I’m from Philly and you’re from Pittsburgh, we can listen to different announcers. There will also be Spanish audio as well as the occasional Spanish broadcast on television, notes the source.

The offering, available “soon”, will be part of Row 44′s portal, and is one of a number of innovative services aimed at maximizing the bandwidth provided by the Ku pipe. Price points to be announced!

Some 100 Southwest aircraft are equipped with Row 44′s system, but I’m told the pace of installations is starting to ramp up.

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2 Responses to Game on! Major League Baseball coming to Southwest aircraft

  1. jetcal1 August 29, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

    Come on Mary! The Phillies? I had no idea SWA was based in your home town.

  2. Mary Kirby August 29, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    Well, they were building up a nice schedule at PHL until they decided to pull back! :-(