UPDATE 1: Banned in Dubai?

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UPDATE: Ever since I posted this blog, I’ve received mixed reports as to whether or not this blog has been blocked in the UAE. But I’ve since had an exchange with Emirates’ own Patrick Brannelly (former APEX prez), who assures me that readers can access the blog. Brannelly says that, in reality, “only porn (and some very salacious YouTube videos)” are blocked. It’s a tremendous relief to me that RWG is not viewed as porn. On an aside, while I’m not a fan of censorship, I can’t say I’d be entirely opposed to seeing pornographic content – including some YouTube videos – relegated to a dot-XXX domain here in the United States. It would make this mother of an avid Mac user rest far easier.


Has the Runway Girl blog been banned in Dubai? So it would seem. OnSunday an industry peer tried to access all Flightglobal blogs in thelounge at DXB, but mine was the only one that would not load. Apparently, the censors there are being more clever – they no longer flash up big warning signs like the one above, but rather push out an error message saying ‘the service is not responding’. On the one hand, being banned in Dubai would be somewhat thrilling. But on the other hand, it’s a bit annoying and ridiculous. Could someone try to access Runway Girl from Dubai for me? PagingPatrick Brannelly!

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