Ireland’s Airvod busts out with ‘Seatcentric’ in 5.8Ghz frequency


Irish in-flight entertainment system manufacturer Airvod busted onto the seat-centric and wireless IFE scene last week at APEX, where it unveiled its trademarked ‘Seatcentric’ solution for the first time, and announced Omni International as its launch customer.

I sat down with company CEO Terence Bonar, who caught me up to speed on what Airvod is doing differently than the others. The firm has developed its own operating system and monitors for Seatcentric, which uses a wireless network for its head-end in the 5.8GHz frequency.

Meanwhile, on a complete tangent, let me just say that I know I need a new camera, and that many of my videos look like the lens has been dipped in Vaseline. :-)

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