More connectivity clarity…this time from Aircell

How do different in-flight connectivity systems stack up against each other? Aircell, the business aviation communications unit of commercial provider Gogo, has provided the #bizav industry with a new handy dandy report.

Please note that the peak speeds listed are just that – the peaks! All in-flight connectivity service providers are seeing speed valleys, including Gogo, which recently received the following tweet from a user: “Dear @gogoinflight: 110kbs downstream? If you’re going to take me back to the mid-90s, please at least play some Nirvana or something.” [We're an insatiable bunch, eh?]

Aircell’s full report is very informative, so do check it out here. See specifics about SwiftBroadband pricing for #bizav on page 26, Ku pricing on page 36 and ATG on page 46.

Connectivity stakes up.JPG

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