NBAA11: What’s a MATA you? Don’t you have Satcom Direct’s new app?

LAS VEGAS: It’s clear I need to start using a dateline for my blogs, as I hardly know where I’m at in the world these days or even what time it is. My body clock is discombobulated! That didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying my flight to Vegas yesterday aboard Honeywell’s Dassault Falcon 900EX, which has been fitted with the company’s newly certified Ovation Select cabin management system (which was simply awesome…more on that later!)

The Falcon is fitted with Inmarsat’s Swift64 aeronautical service, and bless, I put the in-flight connectivity system through its paces yesterday, using it to email, post FaceBook updates and tweet on Twitter, and even upload pictures to said social media sites. Yes, it was slow going at times, but I’m told the Falcon 900EX will soon be upgraded to SwiftBroadband.

Who covered the $8/minute cost of Falcon passengers to use Swift64, you ask? That was kindly covered by Satcom Direct. Many thanks!

During the flight, I spoke with Satcom Direct regional manager, satcom technologies Mark Mata about the firm’s cool new in-flight connectivity troubleshooting app, which is aptly called…wait for it…MATA. He explains his solution here! 

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