Flydubai knows what you like in flight

[Original headline changed to assist my confused/bemused/unamused friends. Heh.]

Flydubai, the launch customer for Lumexis’ fiber optics-based ‘fiber-to-the-screen’ in-flight entertainment system, is able to see exactly how the system is performing, what its passengers are watching, and, importantly, how much money they are spending to access the entertainment, through a programme provided by the California-based company.

The Boeing 737 operator currently accesses the data via a password-protected web site as soon as its aircraft are parked at the gate. However, once Flydubai selects an in-flight connectivity solution (it is studying various options, including Iridium), the carrier will be able to “immediately get the data during flight”, Lumexis CEO Doug Cline tells RWG.

But does the data dump include real-time health monitoring metrics?

Says Cline:

“We’re doing a constant series of tests throughout the system. Every 90 seconds we’ll get an update, so if there was something that went south we could trigger a message through an Iridium or other real-time connection and say, ‘we’re seeing this seat is misbehaving in some way or this server is doing something it shouldn’t be doing’ and so forth.”

Check out my video interview with Doug at the APEX show in Seattle.

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