Jetstar puts fun in flying with Bluebox’s iPad IFE

DUBAI: I’m on the ground at the Dubai air show, admittedly looking a little worse for the wear after a madcap Lancaster-DC-LA-DC-Lancaster-New York-Dubai travel schedule this week, though the final leg was made infinitely better by the fact that I scored an exit row seat on the Emirates Airbus A380 (sweeeeet!)

My focus over the next few days will be to produce some awesome video coverage of the major events/themes of the show for Flightglobal (okay, so that’s my goal, but under eye makeup will most certainly be required).

But before I get stuck in, I must give a nod to in-flight entertainment specialist Bluebox Avionics, which played a pivotal role in bringing Apple iPad-based IFE to Jetstar’s passengers. I’m sure you’ve already read plenty of news stories about the iPad roll-out, which began this week. Will Horton’s article and video on the APEX Editor’s blog is particularly insightful, so do check it out.

However, while in LA for the APEX technical committee hearing, I managed to snag an interview with Bluebox joint MD David Brown, who told me about the Jetstar programme. The video was taken at night with my iPhone so it is far from slick, but there is some good info in there.

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