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Saab story is not a sob story for turboprop

AMR Corp yesterday announced that wholly-owned subsidiary American Eagle Airlines will retire its Saab 340B fleet by year-end, and realign its operations at San Juan by transitioning 12 66-seat ATR 72s to Dallas. Here is management’s memo to American Eagle employees (in two parts). saabpage 1.pdf   saabpage 2.pdf   So what does this mean […]

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Unique Russian take on Bombardier Toronto

I’m stuck into serious business today – American and American Eagle face big fleet cuts, job losses and potential facility closures. For some momentary relief, a colleague sent me this – a humorous video taken by a group of visitors to Bombardier’s Toronto facility. Check it out. Unique is the word.  

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US regional pressure cooker

You may be wondering why Runway Girl has been looking a little blog-lean these days. She got knocked off the catwalk due to recent illness but is tying her stilettos back on. Now let’s try to fatten her up. First order of business? Let’s talk about what’s happening to US regional carriers, and how they […]

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The girl likes the Ipanema

The first aircraft certified for ethanol operations, Embraer’s Ipanema, is quite a nifty sight to behold. During a tour of Embraer’s Sao Jose dos Campos headquarters and assembly facility last week, the company’s executives were generous enough to give a motley crew of journalists an up-close-and-personal look at the green machine, an agricultural aircraft that […]

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Pratt to meet with airlines on GTF later this month (cool pic)

I had a great chat yesterday with Pratt & Whitney about the geared turbofan (GTF), which is really starting to look dressed to impress these days. Pratt VP of next generation products Bob Saia told me that later this month executives will meet for a review with airlines, including a 15-member steering committee for the […]

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Spotlight on AAR as opportunities abound

Several companies are starting to look well-positioned to benefit from what is, according to some analysts, a looming downturn in the industry. AAR appears to be one of those firms. Headquartered in Wood Dale, Illinois, AAR operates four segments – aircraft sales and leasing; aviation supply chain; maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO); and structures and […]

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Thinking green and outside the snake box

One well-known legend about Saint Patrick pits the missionary against an obstinate old snake, which didn’t care to be banished from the Emerald Isle. Patrick outsmarted the wily serpent and convinced him to get into a box, which was then pitched into the ocean. Today, ingenuity is synonymous with “thinking outside the box”. A growing […]

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