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Why has Airbus not made AeroMobile line-fit offerable on its aircraft?

The other day, in-flight mobile communications provider AeroMobile announced it has completed certification of its system on the Boeing 777-300ER, bringing to six the number of aircraft types now certified. The others are the Airbus A330, A340-300 and A340-500 plus the Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 variant aircraft. What AeroMobile’s statement didn’t mention, however, is that […]

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Podcast: Runway Girl is an Airplane Geek, and loves it

If someone had taken me aside in college and told me that someday I’d be an airplane geek, I’d have said they were daft, and had another swig of MGD. But now I embrace my geekdom wholeheartedly. To wit, I recently participated in an Airplane Geeks podcast, and loved it!!! Cuba travel, United’s missteps, over-weight passengers, […]

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Two consumer groups try to put brakes on “Hang-Up Act”

Two consumer advocacy groups have asked Congress to commission a study on the use of wireless communications devices on US commercial flights before outlawing the in-flight use of mobile phones for voice calls and other wireless telephony. A study? A little bit of homework before making a permanent, broad-brush federal ban on in-flight mobile phone […]

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VIDEO: Why the Hamburg Interior’s Expo is so important

Hello Runway Girl readers, I just pushed out a quick and dirty web cam video about the upcoming Hamburg Interior’s show.  It should be a great event. Just check out some of the IFE&C players that will be there.  

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US readies to legislate manners; is that really what you want?

The outrageous-beyond-belief “Hang Up Act” has been tagged on to FAA Reauthorization legislation. Read for yourself by clicking on the following link and heading to section 423 of the bill, HR 915. HR 915 (2).pdf It’s appalling to say the least on a number of levels. Level 1 – The bill only bans passengers from […]

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Welcome to the grapevine, Voyant

Mary, why isn’t Voyant on your grapevine? It’s a question I’ve been asked on this blog and via personal email a number of times. The fact is I’ve been meaning to write about Voyant for at least six months, ever since the company hit the World Airline Entertainment Association’s annual conference and exhibition in Long […]

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VIDEO: News, views and a hot shot of that iPod sexy stuff

Amended to include update… The news moves pretty fast around these parts. US Airways has confirmed to its employees that it is looking at LiveTV’s live television system, in addition to Lumexis’ fibre-to-the-screen system. Remember LiveTV also currently offers a basic connectivity solution. It’s something to think about if you watch my latest vlogging effort below. Also, […]

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US ban on in-flight cell phone use ain’t going anywhere

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not revisited the ban on in-flight cell phone usage in the USA since it terminated its own proceeding on the matter in the spring of 2007. And even though the likes of British Airways (BA) is planning to offer mobile connectivity on its new London City-New York JFK […]

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ViaSat to Row 44: Watch where you point that thing (and AeroSat’s revelation!)

Are you getting tired of all the “will they, won’t they, can they, should they” conversation about Row 44′s pending launch of in-flight Internet on Boeing 737s operated by Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines? That would be a shame because we’re just getting started. Okay, it’s clear that Row 44 is hell-bent to finally get […]

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Runway Girl is “Exhibit One” in ViaSat filings to FCC

It’s time like these that I wish there were more hours in the day. Times like what, weary RWG? Why don’t you just take those damn high heels off and start your weekend? Well, for starters, I just learned last night that I should be paying MUCH closer attention to the FCC’s public notice web site. Had […]

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