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VIDEO: Flightblogger and Runway Girl rap and wrap it up

Final roundup with Flightblogger…this was so much fun! Click the link on the right

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VIDEO: Me, a Flightblogger and Stefan go wild in Paris

Ohhhhh, day 2. What a freaking day! I’m dragging my tail behind me and I’ve still got another full day at the Paris Air Show. But man, is this fun, or what? I teamed up with Flightblogger again for a show wrap-up – and even dragged out our dear plastic friend Stefan the Pilot – for an […]

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VIDEO: He said, she said – Day 1 gab fest from Paris

I teamed up with fellow Flight journalist – and renowned Flightblogger – Jon Ostrower to chat about Day 1 of the Paris air show. Honestly, we’re having too much fun here.

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Update on PPG shades

Flight Show Daily (FSD) is running a nice little update about PPG at the Paris Air Show. PPG is supplying window systems for the Boeing 787. Here is the FSD blurb in its entirety. PPG Industries (hall 2, D57) is giving Paris visitors a glimpse into the future with a working demonstration of its controllable electrochromic […]

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Strolling past the A350…sort of

Airbus in April showed off a cutaway model of its A350 at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg. Now the European airframer has set up the model – and a much larger mockup – at the Paris air show. I took a little stroll past it today while trying to get my bearings in advance […]

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Why Qantas deserves that award for its A380 economy seat

Qantas has won the 2009 Australian International Design Award of the Year for its Airbus A380 economy-class seat, which was designed by Qantas creative director Marc Newson and manufactured by Recaro Aircraft Seating. But what is so cool about this seat? I think the author of Jetliner Cabins, Jennifer Coutts Clay, put it best when […]

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VIDEOS: Inside the Mitsubishi Regional Jet mock-up

My colleague and good friend, ATI US editor Lori Ranson, was in Salt Lake City this week to attend the annual Regional Airline Association (RAA) conference and exhibition. Lori, who Twitters under @Ransonnote – and has broken a ton of stories from RAA this week, such as this gem from yesterday – was kind enough to act […]

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VIDEO: Runway Girl Takes Canadian Adventure to Bombardier

The last week and a half has been an exercise in self control for me. I’ve tried to pace out all the wonderful news I scored from Bombardier on my visit to the airframer’s Montreal and Toronto plants. But you didn’t think I’d leave those kind Canadian folks without taking some video did you? Check out […]

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VIDEO: Watch Runway Girl’s videos on your cell phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and so I hope my colleague Rob Coppinger, proprietor of the fantastic Hyperbola blog, doesn’t object to my copy-cat blog about how readers can access Runway Girl’s videos on the YouTube channel RunwayGirlMaryKirby. Check out the video below, and then scroll down for some of my blog’s most popular vlogs thus far (I […]

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Switchable seconds – oh yes, people are counting

Earlier this week I posted a video showing a simulation of Boeing’s 787 electrochromic windows. And I asked the question – is the switching speed in the video a far-faster-than-real-life simulation? It’s hard to know for certain. But Boeing is still using a 100-second switching speed in its advertising materials. Check out the following link: […]

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