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Why has Airbus not made AeroMobile line-fit offerable on its aircraft?

The other day, in-flight mobile communications provider AeroMobile announced it has completed certification of its system on the Boeing 777-300ER, bringing to six the number of aircraft types now certified. The others are the Airbus A330, A340-300 and A340-500 plus the Boeing 777-200 and 777-300 variant aircraft. What AeroMobile’s statement didn’t mention, however, is that […]

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The man with the notebook is LiveTV CEO Nate Quigley

JetBlue Airways subsidiary LiveTV knows it is ”the voice in the wilderness” on passenger-pay models for in-flight broadband right now. While the company is well aware there is “a lot of interest” in in-flight connectivity, it believes not many people are really digging around to find out what is really happening and why. Digging around for […]

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You likey the leaky line?

Thales has become more vocal about its TopConnect suite of connectivity solutions of late. The company gave a solid break-down of TopConnect in Paris and then went on video with moi to explain things further. But before Paris, Thales was in Vancouver for Inmarsat’s aeronautical conference. There Thales head of AVS civil business Andrew Musgrave showed […]

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VIDEO: How hot is in-flight mobile connectivity? Scorching!

I’ve been meaning to get this video blog out for weeks. It covers my trip to Vancouver for the Inmarsat aeronautical conference, which was highly informative and, well, loads of fun. But some very unfortunate events occurred to prevent the video from making a timely entrance, including but not limited to – a complete crash of […]

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Re-running Connexion numbers; and is voice key?

What’s an IFE&C journa-blogger to do when asked by an industry insider to re-run the numbers on the Connexion by Boeing math formula posted last week? Tell the industry insider “hell yeah”. I love to have as much food for thought as possible. Don’t you?   So here is the new equation care of said […]

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VIDEO: Flightblogger and Runway Girl rap and wrap it up

Final roundup with Flightblogger…this was so much fun! Click the link on the right

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VIDEO: Runway Girl interview with Thales from Paris

Thales is pushing out some big news at the Paris Air Show, including a big TopSeries order with Qatar (and something even cooler coming from Thales in the future). I chatted to Alan Pellegrini, general manager of Thales’ California-based in-flight business. Check out the video. It’s short and sweet.

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VIDEO: He said, she said – Day 1 gab fest from Paris

I teamed up with fellow Flight journalist – and renowned Flightblogger – Jon Ostrower to chat about Day 1 of the Paris air show. Honestly, we’re having too much fun here.

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VIDEO: Watch Runway Girl’s videos on your cell phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and so I hope my colleague Rob Coppinger, proprietor of the fantastic Hyperbola blog, doesn’t object to my copy-cat blog about how readers can access Runway Girl’s videos on the YouTube channel RunwayGirlMaryKirby. Check out the video below, and then scroll down for some of my blog’s most popular vlogs thus far (I […]

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SafeCell, a cheap alternative to in-flight mobile offerings?

“If you think the Bizjet system is unique, wait until we release the airline system! For those airlines who cannot afford an entertainment system and do not want to pay up to $500K for an existing mobile phone solution, SafeCell will be the answer”. That’s the quote that has prompted me to try and chase […]

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