Parking in a Pile: US Airways CEO Faces the Specter of Common Sense

Every now and then, when I emerge from my home office in Lancaster County, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I catch a whiff of the Dairy Farm down the road. It’s a powerful scent, but it’s no longer entirely unpleasant. My tolerance for shit, it seems, has increased. Why then did I find yesterday’s joint press […]

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Stating the Bleeding Obvious: SAS Won’t Buy More Bombardier Q400s

This one gets filed in the “No Shit Sherlock” folder. SAS CEO Mats Jansson reportedly said today that the company will not buy a new generation of Q400 aircraft.His last statement is a little curious, however. Referring to the fact that SAS will not rule out buying other aircraft types from Bombardier, Jansson is quoted […]

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Travel Detective Peter Greenberg has Strong Words About FAA’s Response to SAS Q400 Incidents

Last night, I attended a party in DC to celebrate the launch of Today Show travel editor Peter Greenberg’s new Travel Detective Bible. After the event, I sat down with Peter (aka the Travel Detective) to discuss his take on the latest topic de jour – the spate of SAS Q400 landing-gear-related incidents, and the […]

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Mickeying Around: Maintenance Error on SAS Q400 Accident Aircraft

When my three year old daughter asked to ride a train on Saturday at Disney World and I responded by taking her on Thunder Mountain Railroad, it became pretty clear about 10 seconds into the ride that we were in fact on a roller coaster, and that mommy had made a big mistake (easily judged […]

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Level Heads Prevail At Austrian After Q400 Hiccup (And Goodrich Weighs In On SAS Withdrawal)

File this in the Bombardier “just can’t catch a break” folder. Today an Austrian Airlines Q400 was forced to turn back on the runway at Vienna International due to a faulty propeller part. But kudos to Austrian, which quickly put the incident in perspective by calling the turn back “purely a security precaution”, and to […]

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Knee Jerking…Did SAS Make Mistake With Bombardier Q400 Withdrawal?

SAS Group’s decision to withdraw its entire Q400 fleet, following three landing-gear incidents in less than two months, is the fodder for many discussions this week. Industry players are considering the possible fall-out on Bombardier’s reputation, Q400 residual values, and passenger perception. One conversation that deserves notes can be found at the ever-popular IAG blog. […]

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Eight is Great: Embraer Reveals Timeline for Next Generation Aircraft

Embraer could introduce its next generation aircraft in under eight years. The Brazilian manufacturer has revealed it is looking at a “mid-next-decade” timeframe. Hey folks, that’s right about the time that Boeing is expected to introduce a new-technology replacement for its 737. Far be it for me to speculate, but could Embraer be gearing up […]

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Curb Your Enthusiasm: Canada’s Submission in EU-US Subsidy Row is Standard Practice

Some journalists got excited this week over the news that Canada has jumped into the EU-US row taking place at the WTO concerning large aircraft subsidies. In a third party submission, Canada says Europe’s argument fails on a number of levels. The home of aircraft maker Bombardier certainly has reason to care about the case […]

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Out of the Tub…JetBlue Overflies Hub

Just as my mother used to push the boundaries of our tub’s capacity by squeezing at least three of her five children in a bath at one time, so too have airlines stretched New York JFK to its scheduling limits. To unmuddy the waters, the US government has vowed to intervene at JFK and is […]

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40 Years Old But No Virgin

Northwest Airlines has begun touting its international fleet as “the youngest” of any North American airline, after taking delivery of its 32nd Airbus A330 aircraft. The self-promotion certainly makes sense. Travelers like flying in brand spanking new aircraft because they’re seen as safer, more comfortable and friendlier to the environment. Is there anything less reassuring […]

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