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VIDEO: He said, she said – Day 1 gab fest from Paris

I teamed up with fellow Flight journalist – and renowned Flightblogger – Jon Ostrower to chat about Day 1 of the Paris air show. Honestly, we’re having too much fun here.

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Podcast: Runway Girl is an Airplane Geek, and loves it

If someone had taken me aside in college and told me that someday I’d be an airplane geek, I’d have said they were daft, and had another swig of MGD. But now I embrace my geekdom wholeheartedly. To wit, I recently participated in an Airplane Geeks podcast, and loved it!!! Cuba travel, United’s missteps, over-weight passengers, […]

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VIDEO: Seaplanes, St Croix and hot sauce!

I had the very good fortune to travel to St Croix last week to visit Seaborne Airlines, a gutsy operator keeping a seaplane dream alive despite some pretty challenging conditions. Challenging, but gorgeous, right? (Pic taken by Seaborne pilot and damn good photog Chris Boziel). While there, I had a great chat with Seaborne president and CEO […]

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US Airways reverses beverage charges!!!

Hell hath not frozen over folks. US Airways is indeed resuming a free beverage service on its domestic flights. I wonder how many negative news articles, passenger complaints and cries of thirst management had to hear about before deciding to cease charging passengers for the bare necessities of life, like water. But whatever the catalyst, US Airways […]

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So trashy – a canny compactor that makes it all go away

It goes without saying that economy-class lavs on most commercial aircraft are not even remotely inviting (unless, perhaps, you’re using the plug socket as a free power source). How many times have you squeezed into that too-tight compartment only to have your senses bombarded with sights, smells and sounds of significant offence? Lufthansa Technik tackles […]

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Regional airlines go a little bit country over DOT’s slot stance

Regional airline lobbying group the Regional Airline Association has been deliciously quotable of late. Today, for example, the group appeared to channel country singer Lori Morgan when making known its incredulity that the US DOT remains steadfast in its pursuit to auction New York slots despite this week’s legal opinion from the Government Accountability Office […]

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