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Three more reasons why the Paris Air Show rocked

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PHOTO: Under the Lufthansa blister lies a beautiful beast

The Mitsubishi MELCO Ku-band antenna fitted to 69 Lufthansa aircraft is considered a majestic masterpiece of engineering. But the antenna has a few quirks (one of the reasons why Lufthansa missed its late summer deadline for launching FlyNet in-flight high-speed Internet, and later a planned mid-November launch).Lufthansa showed off the MELCO antenna on 30 November […]

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UPDATE: Will Boeing offer a dual satcom system for the 787?

UPDATE: Adds additional info on the 737 requirementWill Boeing offer a dual satcom system for the 787 to ensure that cockpit and cabin connectivity remain totally separate and assuage regulators concerns? One anonymous commenter on my previous – slightly controversial – blog post about connectivity crossover concerns says yes (I should add that this particular […]

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Connectivity crossover and the case for cockpit security

Airport security is a hot topic today, following a failed Christmas Day 2009 terrorist attack, but security for cockpit and flight-critical communications is an increasingly important issue as new-design commercial aircraft become more software-focused, and as airlines bolster the pipes to their aircraft to support passenger connectivity. The FAA’s recent decision to issue special conditions […]

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US FAA warns of 747-8 vulnerability to hackers

Just as the US FAA is requiring Boeing to demonstrate that certain 787 flight critical domains cannot be tampered with by hackers, so too is the agency now demanding the same for the 747-8/-8F.The FAA has issued special conditions for the new jumbo jet, saying the aircraft “will have novel or unusual design features associated […]

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SBB versus Ku…the war that wasn’t?

Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband (SBB) aeronautical service is going to become standard on all new Airbus long-range aircraft and there is reason to believe that Boeing may follow Airbus’ lead and make SBB standard on its 787 twinjet (paving the way for SBB to find a place on other Boeing widebodies, including the 747-8).So why is there […]

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Delayed 747-8 provokes raffle fun from cheeky monkey

Chock it up to incredibly unfortunate timing. Boeing  placed its 747-8 mini mockup on display at this week’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Palm Springs, California only to announce later in the week that the aircraft programme would be delayed again and that the airframer would take a pre-tax charge of “approximately $1 billion” […]

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