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Airbus, Panasonic agree IFEC plan for A350 XWB

Last year, the tension between Airbus and Panasonic Avionics seemed fierce. The two parties had yet to reach agreement on offerability for Panasonic’s Ku-band satellite-based Global Communications Suite – with AeroMobile mobile connectivity – for Airbus long-range aircraft, including the A350. At that time, some industry stakeholders accused Airbus of playing favourites by only making […]

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Let’s get one thing straight…

I think in-flight mobile connectivity rocks. I want to be able to call my daughter when I’m on the road – and in the air! I want to be able to interview you in-flight. Yeah you! I carry two cell phones on me (don’t judge). So, while I’m amazed and impressed by AeroMobile’s usage rates, […]

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In-flight voice call stats revealed (oh my gawd)

Uh boy, few things are worse than having to eat your own words. However, after seeing AeroMobile’s stats on in-flight voice call usage, I may have to do just that (well, just a little). For years, I’ve been promising readers of this blog that people don’t make a lot of voice calls in-flight. And, for […]

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PICTURES: IFE system will alert you of an incoming call

We know that V Australia is launching the world’s first integrated cellular and in-flight entertainment (IFE) platform this year. The mobile connectivity service is being provided by AeroMobile and the IFE is Panasonic’s eX2 system.But what exactly will V Australia’s connected IFE entail? Picture yourself watching a show on board an aircraft. The IFE system […]

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V Australia readies to launch first fully integrated IFEC on 777s

V Australia is to start offering in-flight mobile connectivity to passengers on its Boeing 777-300ERs in the second quarter.The carrier, which offers Panasonic’s latest generation eX2 in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, is also a customer of eXPhone, Panasonic’s branding for AeroMobile’s mobile connectivity solution.When eXPhone goes live in the second quarter, it will represent the first […]

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Telenor snatches AeroMobile out of administration

Wow, a busy day today in the world of in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC). For starters, Southwest Airlines confirmed it has inked an equipment purchase deal with Row 44, and now AeroMobile is confirming its emergence from administration as a new wholly-owned subsidiary of Norway-based telecommunications giant Telenor Group (which owned the majority of AeroMobile […]

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We’re NOT dropping AeroMobile: Emirates

In a “dishy” blog post yesterday, I mentioned that speculation is rife that Emirates is considering dropping in-flight mobile phone provider AeroMobile, which was placed into administration in December. But Emirates responded this morning, effectively telling RWG that that particular plate is cold. Here is the key quote from Emirates’ Patrick Brannelly, who now holds […]

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Telenor’s gamble and Panasonic’s predicament

News that AeroMobile was placed into administration on 21 December has prompted many in the aviation world to ask: why?It’s a reasonable question. While the in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) landscape is littered with Dodo birds – firms that become extinct and then look rather clumsy and ludicrous when discussed in retrospect – AeroMobile seemed […]

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AeroMobile placed into administration

UPDATE: I’ve included a link to the BDO statement, and added some questions we need to think about. Before I begin this blog, I need to give a shout out to in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) news site AirFax.com, which today reported a “rumor central” tidbit that AeroMobile has been placed into administration, and linked […]

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Will airlines sue Airbus over connectivity strategy?

Airbus continues to draw fire for its decision not to make any alternative in-flight mobile connectivity service provider’s solutions line-fit offerable on its portfolio of aircraft. And some parties are reportedly considering legal action.If you’re coming to this discussion late, here is a quick refresher to catch you up to speed before reading on. Airbus […]

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