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Aircell reveals Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi equipage numbers

To use its own phraseology, Aircell is able to push out Gogo-equipped aircraft “like boxes of popcorn”. By the end of the year, the Chicago-headquartered firm will have retrofitted 1,067 aircraft with the in-flight Internet system, an increase of 372 aircraft over year-end 2009. Below, you’ll find the latest number of aircraft fitted with Gogo […]

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Air Canada says it does NOT have Koito seats…so there

The scramble to find out which carriers have Koito-made aircraft seats in the wake of the Japanese firm’s admission that it falsified data on 150,000 seats has officially begun. But if you think Air Canada is amongst the 32 airlines affected, think again. “None of the aircraft in Air Canada’s fleet have Koito seats,” an […]

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Cache machine: Aircell reveals details of ‘video client’

Aircell’s cached video solution, first revealed by RWG in December 2008, is starting to garner some mainstream media attention. A good thing too, since the solution – dubbed the ‘Aircell Video Client’ – appears to be a clever tool in Aircell’s shed, and a good way to use that 1 terabyte of server storage already […]

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First class is ‘a dead product’: ACE chief Robert Milton

If you’re looking for a rosy near-term outlook for the aviation industry, don’t look in the direction of Robert Milton, executive chairman of Air Canada holding company ACE Aviation. In a candid videotaped interview with Airline Business editor Mark Pilling, Milton said he expects to see some airlines “hobbled” by the debt they assumed to […]

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Tallying them up

Our fine friends in the in-flight connectivity world were busy in 2009. But, as we near the end of the year, it’s clear that some are not as far along as they had originally planned.Nevertheless, passengers are increasingly finding themselves on aircraft equipped with either in-flight mobile connectivity or airborne high-speed Internet (or mobile connectivity […]

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Free in-flight Wi-Fi will see airport/airline battle lines drawn

We know that Wi-Fi, both on the ground and in the air, is trending towards the land of the free. But throw that into the context of JiWire’s new report, which says 80% of business travellers spend over 30min online in airports, and you’ve got an interesting battle brewing. How will the airport hotspot make […]

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Get ready to surf the Canadian skies…once issues sorted

It looks like in-flight connectivity might finally get off the ground in Canada, after an entity called SkySurf Canada recently acquired at auction the country’s air-to-ground (ATG) spectrum license. Industry Canada set the spectrum auction rules this spring. So what does this mean for Aircell, which holds the ATG broadband license in the USA, and already has a deal […]

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How Aircell plans to keep pace with all that Gogo demand

Aircell’s domination of in-flight Internet in the United States is nothing short of staggering. To date, the company has secured fleet-wide equipage deals with Delta Air Lines (and its Northwest Airlines merger partner), AirTran Airways and Virgin America, as well as hefty agreements with American Airlines and Air Canada, and a forthcoming trial on United […]

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AirTran and Delta fight to lead the Wi-Fi pack (ain’t it grand?)

Low-cost carrier AirTran Airways has become the latest US operator to partner with in-flight connectivity provider Aircell to offer passengers wireless Internet access. However, the carrier intends to move faster than its competition by equipping its entire 136-strong fleet of Boeing 737 and 717 aircraft with Aircell’s Gogo broadband system by mid-summer. The ambitious project, […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (April 2)

Amended to firm up rumour section! NEWS I was asked by a fair reader if Air Canada intends to charge for Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet service just like its American counterparts. Aircell director, airline solutions Dave Bijur confirms that indeed it will. “Like all of our existing partnerships, Air Canada will offer its guests a […]

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