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Exclusive: JetBlue unit working with DirecTV on wireless IFE

Saints above I’m buried in a sea of pre- and post-Paris work right now (yes, I’m even behind on pre-Paris!) but I need to stop for a few minutes to tell you the news – JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV is working with DirecTV to stream live television to passengers’ own devices where DirecTV is available. Key […]

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After AF447, is the answer to black box conundrum blue?

Imagine you’re the crew on an oceanic crossing. One engine starts to go into excessive vibration, which is detected by the sensors on the engine and by an automated flight information reporting system (AFIRS) on board the aircraft. The “blue” AFIRS box instantly launches a report to the ground to coordinate all the people that […]

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JetBlue days away from firming deal for Ka-band connectivity

By now you’ve no doubt heard that LiveTV is likely to be breaking out the bubbly after snagging a pretty significant deal with Continental to fit some 200 Boeing aircraft with Ka-band satellite-based connectivity (birds that happen to have LiveTV’s Ku-band supported in-flight live television service, the 95-channel LTV3). The deal falls on the heels […]

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HELP! What’s your favorite airline viral video of 2010?

Some videos get far more hits than others, but what’s YOUR favorite?

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JetBlue says it is NOT selling LiveTV

A report today that JetBlue and LiveTV are in serious negotiations over a LiveTV spin-off is……………..false, false and false, according to JetBlue. The New York-hubbed airline says it is not selling LiveTV. Indeed, perhaps more than ever, LiveTV is firmly ensconced in JetBlue’s family because the Melbourne, Florida-based subsidiary is the center-point for making Ka-band […]

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UPDATE 1: A word about connectivity before I disconnect…

Updated to note that Southwest Airlines is now saying it will charge $5 for Wi-Fi regardless of device or flight (holy moly…what will this mean for Gogo pricing?) And yes, this update means that I had to have one more word. Arghghgh. The grip of SM addiction! BLOGI’m jumping off the grid for about 10 […]

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Exclusive: JetBlue to launch Ka-band in-flight Internet

Tomorrow morning JetBlue Airways will announce a groundbreaking new deal with ViaSat to bring Ka-band satellite-based connectivity – yes Ka – to its entire fleet of aircraft. You can read the story here first. If you’ve been following the saga of JetBlue connectivity you know this is a big deal. If you have been following […]

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Is Row 44 a flirt or is she serious?

If Row 44 was a woman, she’d be a lass after my own heart – a little bit flirty but willing to team up with the right partner. We know about the OnAir/Row 44 chat and former OnAir chief Benoit Debain’s open admission that the Airbus/SITA joint venture would be game for such a tie-up. But […]

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UPDATE: JetBlue unit “pumped” and taking orders for connectivity system

UPDATED to include following personal musing and express a tad bit of shock: One has to wonder if JetBlue ever thinks about how its connectivity statements might impact the business of its wholly owned subsidiary LiveTV, which the carrier would one day like to spin off. In a conversation with my colleague Lori Ranson, JetBlue […]

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It’s not a damn good Honda after all

“It’s not a Mercedes but it’s a damn good Honda.” That’s what LiveTV’s Scott Easterline told me at the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in September 2006, following the JetBlue subsidiary’s $7.02 million acquisition of a 1MHz slice of air-to-ground (ATG) spectrum during the US Federal Communications Commission’s auction of ATG licenses. […]

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