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VIDEO: Me, a Flightblogger and Stefan go wild in Paris

Ohhhhh, day 2. What a freaking day! I’m dragging my tail behind me and I’ve still got another full day at the Paris Air Show. But man, is this fun, or what? I teamed up with Flightblogger again for a show wrap-up – and even dragged out our dear plastic friend Stefan the Pilot – for an […]

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Strolling past the A350…sort of

Airbus in April showed off a cutaway model of its A350 at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg. Now the European airframer has set up the model – and a much larger mockup – at the Paris air show. I took a little stroll past it today while trying to get my bearings in advance […]

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Bombardier sees “good chance” of wireless IFE on CSeries

Bombardier has hinted at it before – that wireless IFE might find a place on the CSeries. But the company now believes there is “a good chance” that by the time its CSeries mainline airliner enters service in 2013, a wireless IFE offering may be viable. The Canadian airframer tells RWG: “As we watch technology […]

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Airbus A350 – suitable for tomorrow’s extra-wide passengers

I’d like to highlight one final video to come out of the recent Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. In the following clip, Airbus aircraft interiors marketing manager, customer affairs Christophe Cossart shows Flight’s Barbara Cockburn a new cutaway 1:120 scale model of its A350 extra-wide body (XWB). The cutaway model highlights potential interior designs and […]

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Report: Airbus mulls bunk beds for premium economy

Boy oh boy, the timing of this news couldn’t be sweeter. Yesterday I travelled to Washington National airport to videotape an interview with A I “Indi” Rajasingham, the head of MmilleniumM Group, which has invented a stacked sleeper for economy class, a product about which I wrote extensively here. Now TravelMole is reporting that Airbus is considering […]

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Panasonic goes on record about wireless IFE: Part 2 & 3

My chat with Panasonic director of product marketing Cedric Rhoads about wireless IFE was fruitful indeed. Unfortunately, word count constraints prevented me from using all of his best quotes in my recent Flight piece concerning this subject. So in classic note-dumping style, here is Part 2 and 3 from that conversation. Part 1 can be found here. (Note: […]

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Panasonic on record about wireless IFE: Part 1

Last week, when Bluebox slung a little good-natured mud by suggesting that Pansonic and Thales perhaps “weren’t up to the challenge” of providing wireless IFE on the Boeing 787, I felt compelled to speak to the two hardware giants about whether or not wireless IFE is now viable, and if it has a place in […]

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US Airways admits flub in SEC filing; increases ’09 capacity cut

Oops a daisy! That’s what US Airways’ financial folks might have said after realizing there is a mistake in the carrier’s quarterly report to the SEC. The filing, which holds a number of interesting revelations including a delay to A350 deliveries, says US Airways intends to achieve a fourth quarter domestic mainline capacity reduction of […]

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And it begins…US Airways delays A350 deliveries

Some big news out of US Airways today. But you’ve got to look hard to find it. Go to page 56 of the carrier’s latest SEC filing. That’s where the Star Alliance member reveals its plan to delay the start of delivery of its 22 A350 XWBs until 2015 (as well as a few other gems). Check […]

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Bluebox goes for the jugular as wireless IFE gets boost

Bluebox Avionics joint MD Rick Stuart doesn’t mince words. Asked by yours truly why wireless IFE systems proposed by Panasonic and Thales were never deployed on the Boeing 787, Stuart said: “Perhaps they [Panasonic and Thales] weren’t up to the challenge.” Well, well. I think the gauntlet has been officially thrown. Note to Panasonic and Thales […]

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