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Lufthansa to announce broadband plan in Aug; eyes narrowbody connectivity

Lufthansa in mid- to late-August will make an announcement concerning its plan to reintroduce broadband connectivity on its overseas flights using the Connexion by Boeing (CBB) antennas still installed on those aircraft. Speaking today at the WAEA single focus workshop in Everett, Lufthansa head of cabin interior and IFE Peter Lewalter confirmed the German operator […]

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The best part of Paris for me…

I’ve finally had a chance to catch my breath after the whirlwind that was the Paris Air Show and a week of playing catch-up on IFE&C news after the show (have you checked out Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel yet?). One of the most memorable experiences for me in Paris was the luncheon held by Airbus […]

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Strolling past the A350…sort of

Airbus in April showed off a cutaway model of its A350 at the Aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg. Now the European airframer has set up the model – and a much larger mockup – at the Paris air show. I took a little stroll past it today while trying to get my bearings in advance […]

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Why Qantas deserves that award for its A380 economy seat

Qantas has won the 2009 Australian International Design Award of the Year for its Airbus A380 economy-class seat, which was designed by Qantas creative director Marc Newson and manufactured by Recaro Aircraft Seating. But what is so cool about this seat? I think the author of Jetliner Cabins, Jennifer Coutts Clay, put it best when […]

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Bombardier sees “good chance” of wireless IFE on CSeries

Bombardier has hinted at it before – that wireless IFE might find a place on the CSeries. But the company now believes there is “a good chance” that by the time its CSeries mainline airliner enters service in 2013, a wireless IFE offering may be viable. The Canadian airframer tells RWG: “As we watch technology […]

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Will Emirates defer A380 and 777 deliveries in ’09 and ’10?

Speculation is rife that a deferral of both models by Emirates could occur, noted the Air Cargo Management Group (ACMG) at its recent workshop in Seattle. Exact quote: “It is speculated that Emirates may defer its A380 and 777 deliveries in 2009 and 2010.” ACMG’s workshop notes, a copy of which was obtained by Runway […]

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VIDEO: Boeing 787 electrochromic windows in action

I’m working on a blog about the new electric-powered window shades now flying - much to the thrill of passengers – in the bathrooms of Qantas’ Airbus A380 aircraft. So keep an eye out for that. In my research, however, I spotted this new video of the Boeing 787 electrochromic windows in action. It was taken at the Future of […]

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Oi there, who will tap Arinc for new Onboard Internet?

My colleague Graham Dunn has secured an update from Arinc about its new on-board Internet service, branded Oi, which will utilize Inmarsat’s new higher bandwidth SwiftBroadband aeronautical service, and allow passengers to acces a mixture of cached and live web content via their laptops. Here are the key points from Graham’s story: 1) Arinc expects […]

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Emirates talks shades

The electro-mechanical shades that I was talking about the other day are gaining a fan base. Emirates reveals it has installed the shades on its very latest Airbus A380s, and that it is bringing them to its Boeing 777s. And the carrier’s passengers are applauding. “My father flew on [the A380] and he said [the shade] was brilliant. If […]

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Aircraft window shades could change our flight experience

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jennifer Coutts Clay is like the Nostradamus of cabin interiors. On page 68 of her book, Jetliner Cabins, Clay predicted that cabin window shades of tomorrow might well be electric-powered. “At the touch of a button, passengers will be able to choose how much outside light […]

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