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UPDATE 1: Boeing says Service Bulletin to address Wi-Fi interference with Honeywell avionics is ‘imminent’

Updated to report that Alaska Airlines has retracted its statement that it “experienced” the Wi-Fi interference issue with Honeywell Phase 3 display units (DUs), and now says: “We are aware that there has been an issue and we are notusing Gogo in the cockpits. We are only using the iPads as an informationdevice.” Meanwhile, the […]

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VIDEO: Pay-to-pee used to be an Alaska joke

It’s not a joke anymore, of course, what with Irish low-cost operator Ryanair apparently now moving fast-forward with a plan to charge passengers to use its bathrooms. I wonder how long it will take before US carrier Spirit Airlines – which has just decided to charge for carry-on luggage -  follows Ryanair on the pay-to-pee […]

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Southwest Airlines, Row 44 get clever about in-flight Wi-Fi

Row 44 is planning a big press event at next week’s World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition, and with good reason. The company is about to unveil a new ancillary-revenue tool that “enables airlines to monetize in-flight broadband even among passengers who do not pay for full Internet access” and will be “the first […]

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Row 44 wins permanent FCC authority (let the games begin)

I gotta jump out of my jolly holiday to tell you this – Row 44 has won permanent authority from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to offer its Ku-band-based connectivity service to airlines.Here is the text of the Row 44 statement that is about to be released: Row 44 Receives FCC License for its In-Flight […]

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Southwest reveals talks with Aircell!

For more information, check out my article now running on the new IFE&C channel Southwest Airlines today told a packed room of IFE&C executives and airlines that, unlike most of its colleagues, it hasn’t “chosen Aircell at this point”. Speaking at the WAEA single focus workshop in Mukilteo, Southwest senior manager, flight operations technologies Doug […]

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Alaska, Southwest urge FCC to approve Row 44′s application (plus an oops!)

Good God almighty, it seems I mixed up my FCC filings the other day (I can’t imagine how that happened. That site is a walk in the park). But I digress. Here is the appropriate filing – you’ll see it has a rather similar thrust to the 2008 document. But much more importantly, here is the link […]

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Where is Row 44′s permanent authority from the FCC?

Just a quick and dirty update here, folks. I know many of you have been wondering what’s going on with Row 44′s application for permanent authority from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). One thing you’ll note if you troll through the FCC web site is that Row 44 submitted its ground and in-flight test results, […]

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AirTran and Delta fight to lead the Wi-Fi pack (ain’t it grand?)

Low-cost carrier AirTran Airways has become the latest US operator to partner with in-flight connectivity provider Aircell to offer passengers wireless Internet access. However, the carrier intends to move faster than its competition by equipping its entire 136-strong fleet of Boeing 737 and 717 aircraft with Aircell’s Gogo broadband system by mid-summer. The ambitious project, […]

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Row 44 CEO John Guidon in his own words

John Guidon, CEO and co-founder of Row 44, has written a short op-ed arguing the case for airlines to install a high-bandwidth solution for in-flight connectivity - even if that bandwidth is more than their current model requires. John’s argument is that the growing demand for bandwidth-hungry services (live international TV, terrestrial-speed web browsing, downloadable audio […]

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Alaska to equip fleet with in-flight Internet by end of 2010

Alaska Airlines plans to equip its entire fleet with Row 44′s satellite-based in-flight connectivity system by the end of next year. Wi-Fi service is currently available onboard one Alaska Boeing 737 aircraft. But additional aircraft will be equipped in the coming months. An Alaska spokeswoman tells Runway Girl: “They are planning to roll out commercial […]

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