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IFEC & aircraft interiors dish (because we serve it up hot :)

There is nothing like some juicy in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) and aircraft interiors dish to get the blood flowing on a Wednesday! File these babies under rumor and speculation…for now. For starters, I’m told by a source that Japanese seat maker Koito is in some big doggy do-do. The manufacturer has apparently admitted to […]

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Cache machine: Aircell reveals details of ‘video client’

Aircell’s cached video solution, first revealed by RWG in December 2008, is starting to garner some mainstream media attention. A good thing too, since the solution – dubbed the ‘Aircell Video Client’ – appears to be a clever tool in Aircell’s shed, and a good way to use that 1 terabyte of server storage already […]

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Gogo sled.JPG

A few of my favourite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are lovely, but this year some of my favourite things from the aviation world came via email or snail mail. In the ‘best Christmas card’ category, we have a tie between Lumexis’ very clever graphic of Santa seated in front of rather antiquated-looking in-flight technologies (I’m certain Lumexis […]

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#DXB09: Would Aircell’s SBB kit make sense for US carriers?

Hats off to Aircell for taking advantage of the momentum behind the Dubai air show (#DXB09) by announcing a new sales and service rep for the Middle East. Shoukry Shokralla will be responsible for supporting existing operators of Aircell’s SwiftBroadband (SBB)-supported, Thrane & Thrane-powered airborne connectivity solution, which the US firm believes is well suited […]

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Kiteline World 2

Free in-flight email anywhere in the world

What a funky antenna! Guess what? It’s going to help airlines offer basic in-flight email for free to passengers anywhere in the world. Say what, RWG? Well, JetBlue subsidiary LiveTV has combined its US-centric air-to-ground (ATG)-based Kiteline email service with the Iridium Openport satellite communications service – and that wild antenna – to create Kiteline […]

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PHOTOS: Lumexis goes 2G

Lumexis, that plucky California company that is bringing some much-needed competition to the in-flight entertainment space, has introduced a second-generation iteration of its potentially revolutionary fiber optic-based, fiber-to-the-screen (FTTS) in-flight entertainment system. The first generation product, trialled on a single US Airways Airbus A320, “flew flawlessly and never required even a single system reboot in […]

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One satcom antenna and two hot IFE&C presentations

I really must have too many balls in the air (easy) or perhaps I’m going slightly bonkers (I prefer the term “eccentric”), because I just took a good hard look at my desktop and found the two hottest IFE&C presentations of late just sitting there, begging to be posted to Runway Girl. Now then, if […]

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Does Continental have big cojones?

Aircell’s in-flight broadband dominance in the United States was further underscored today with the announcement that US Airways – yes US Airways!!! – has committed to install Gogo on its 50-strong fleet of Airbus A321s beginning next year. It’s a surprising move in light of the fact that US Airways recently opted not to expand […]

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A very quick Q&A with US Airways on its Gogo plan

Just got some answers from US Airways to a few quick questions about its Gogo equipage plan. Here ya go… Q After the A321s, what fleet type will be equipped?A We’re evaluating potential further fleet types but no plans right now. We’ll work with Aircell and, of course, customer feedback in laying out a future […]

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LiveTV hopes to get live television on Azul by World Cup

LiveTV is working very hard to bring live television to Azul’s Embraer E-Jets in time for the soccer World Cup, which gets kicked off in June 2010. So said LiveTV vice-president of sales and marketing Mike Moeller this week at the WAEA single focus workshop, which, by all accounts, seems to have been a terrific […]

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