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BOB disappearing act at US Airways sees LSG lose big

US Airways dropped a proverbial buy-on-board (BOB) bomb this week, after revealing that nearly half of all the food that LSG Sky Chefs provides for BOB is never accounted for – it’s lost, dropped in the trash before it gets back to the kitchen or eaten by people that didn’t pay for it. In its […]

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Direct your attention to Qest

Some folks wonder about my fascination with aircraft antennas. Maybe I’m just a bi-directional kinda gal (don’t all agree at once). Or maybe, this is a subject seriously worth staying on top of…like a fuselage-mounted radome. The fact is that airlines are increasingly adopting in-flight broadband and live television solutions for their passengers. And antennas […]

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US Airways admits flub in SEC filing; increases ’09 capacity cut

Oops a daisy! That’s what US Airways’ financial folks might have said after realizing there is a mistake in the carrier’s quarterly report to the SEC. The filing, which holds a number of interesting revelations including a delay to A350 deliveries, says US Airways intends to achieve a fourth quarter domestic mainline capacity reduction of […]

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PHOTOS: The Lumexis IFE system that could find itself on a US Airways A320

So the trial of Lumexis’ new seat-back IFE system on a US Airways Airbus A320 may have been delayed, but that shouldn’t stop us from getting a good look at it now. Lumexis was in attendance at the recent WAEA exhibition in Long Beach. Here are some Lumexis shots from the show. Sweet!

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And it begins…US Airways delays A350 deliveries

Some big news out of US Airways today. But you’ve got to look hard to find it. Go to page 56 of the carrier’s latest SEC filing. That’s where the Star Alliance member reveals its plan to delay the start of delivery of its 22 A350 XWBs until 2015 (as well as a few other gems). Check […]

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And ViaSat makes three…Let the Ku-band race begin

I know what you’re thinking fellow in-flight connectivity enthusiasts. That third Ku-band-based connectivity provider – ViaSat – has fully emerged and Runway Girl has made nary a recent mention. Oh ye of little faith.   We’ve known for some time that ViaSat was interested in getting into the game. To be fair, however, the extent […]

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Is US Airways smart to be cheap?

When US Airways recently emerged as one of most aggressive amongst its peers to implement in-flight food and beverage sales – notoriously charging passengers for life’s most basic necessity, water – the news media, including myself, skewered the Star Alliance member’s decision. But support for the move is coming from a rather unlikely source – […]

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Antenna news from the Starling front (plus latest specs)

Israel’s Starling Advanced Communication is targeting operators of narrowbody aircraft for its new Ku-band antenna, Mijet-Lite, which will support high-speed connectivity services. Development has been completed and the system is ready for flight testing. A prototype of Mijet-Lite will be unveiled next month at the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA) conference and exhibition in Long […]

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LiveTV: Eagle is out of the canary cage

Not so very long ago, a then nubile Runway Girl blog noted that the adoption by US carriers of in-seat live satellite television – together with connectivity services – was a growing trend. Despite serious industry challenges of late, some airlines are keen to keep this trend alive. And LiveTV appears well-placed to capture a nice […]

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A study in contrasts: first class versus low class

As struggling airlines continue to look for new ways to strip the bare necessities of life from economy class, the disparity between the front and back of the cabin is getting greater. Carriers are now racing to see who can be the fastest – and cleverest – at unbundling products that have traditionally been part of […]

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