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In-flight Wi-Fi will be free in two years: IFEC expert

Whether charging you for beverages or bilking you on baggage, US ‘legacy’ carriers have sold their souls to the ‘unbundle everything’ business model. The result, according to in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) expert Michael Planey, is that passengers truly resent any additional fees. In short, they are reaching a point of “fee fatigue”, which is […]

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Let the guessing game begin!

Lumexis has revealed that its undisclosed, full-fleet customer operates a bunch of Boeing 737s. But the firm, which has secured a fresh round of investment, is revealing precious few other details about its mystery customer, which will no doubt be installing Lumexis’ fiber optics-based second generation system. Boeing 737 customers are manifold (the Wikipedia entry […]

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Boeing’s new 737 interior is a study in limitations

Boeing has announced a new interior for the 737NG family and in so doing the airframer has reminded us that, aside from cosmetic changes, few things are being done to alter the way we fly in commercial narrowbody aircraft. As reported by Flight’s Jon Ostrower, FlyDubai will be the launch customer for the so-called 737 […]

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Podcast: Southwest Airlines Wi-Fi gets passengers’ thumbs up

Industry consultant and entrepreneur extraordinaire Addison Schonland put Row 44′s Ku-band-based broadband service through its paces today on a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 equipped with the system.   Addison says his Wi-Fi-enabled blackberry found the network signal very easily, but when he went through the browser to log on to the system, he ran into a bit of […]

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PHOTOS: Ryanair’s O’Leary does the mobile phone Can-Can

The celebration was fierce yesterday when spunky Irish operator Ryanair finally launched mobile phone connectivity following several delays. Dressed as a mobile phone, Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary joined OnAir’s head honcho Benoit Debain in a bit of a a Can-Can dance. And why the hell not? A total 20 Ryanair Boeing 737s have been equipped with the system and the […]

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UPDATED: Row 44 could launch on Southwest this week

Updated to include Southwest comment… I’m hearing some industry rumblings that Row 44 this week could launch its in-flight Internet solution on Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 aircraft. And those industry rumblings appear to be true! Sort of. A Southwest spokeswoman has just revealed to me that airline staffers are beginning their own testing of the […]

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I’ve got a jetliner cabin for you

As engineers consider interiors for new-design aircraft, it’s helpful to take a look at some of the most innovative designs of the past and present as well as concepts that have been mulled for today’s latest generation aircraft, such as the Airbus A380. To do that, I’ve received permission to publish an array of photos from what is perhaps […]

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Southwest will zag on Internet charge, zig on other fees

I just arrived home after a long - but fruitful - haul today. I took the morning train from Lancaster to New York for the Wings Club luncheon, where I dined with the fabulous Jennifer Coutts Clay of “Jetliner Cabins” fame. Speaking at the event was Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly (check out my tremendously poor effort to take […]

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A Thursday teaser…but it’s a good one

This afternoon I had a very enlightening conversation with ViaSat director of regulatory affairs Daryl Hunter concerning the firm’s objection to Row 44′s application to the FCC for a permanent AMSS license. I’m going to need a little bit of time to sort through this, but here’s a taste. Key quote: “We don’t believe Row 44 can […]

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Row 44 on record about Alaska trial delay and Southwest install

The other day I blogged about a delay in Alaska Airlines’ trial of Row 44′s Ku band-based connectivity system, as well as some opposition the California firm has faced in its pursuit of FCC permanent approval, including from ViaSat, Arinc and Boeing (oh my). Row 44 president Gregg Fialcowitz was kind enough to respond with […]

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