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American still undecided on fleet-wide equipage of Gogo

American Airlines chief Gerard Arpey told me yesterday during an earnings conference call that management has not made a final decision about whether to progress with fleet-wide installations of Aircell’s air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity solution, Gogo. The carrier has offered Gogo on its transcontinental Boeing 767s since last summer. And passengers have raved about the service. Asked […]

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Aircell could end up like Connexion: Analyst Tim Farrar

Tim Farrar thinks Aircell’s Gogo in-flight connectivity solution is a great service. He’s just not convinced that the firm will be able to make good on its equipage and financial predictions. The president of consulting and research company TMF Associates felt compelled to write me an email today after reading comments from Aircell chief Jack Blumenstein posted by yours truly. “I […]

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Does Aircell need $100m? CEO Jack Blumenstein responds…

Without question the cross-country success of Aircell’s sales pitch for air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity was a highlight of 2008. The fact that Aircell brokered agreements with several airlines at a time when doom and his friend gloom paid a visit to the industry made the Colorado-based company’s achievement all the more impressive. But one bothersome question has been repeatedly […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (Dec 26)

Our IFE&C weekly news roundup is a little light on this the day after Christmas, but it’s not completely snow-flaky. HARD NEWS US Airways says that while it intends to trial in-flight Internet “at some point” it is not likely to do so anytime soon (hmmm, if this is the case can we assume that US […]

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Comic connectivity relief

Piggybacking off of the increasingly-brilliant The Middle Seat Terminal’s own piggybacking of Comedian Louis C.K.’s astute observations about in-flight connectivity and passengers’ expectations (itself a piggyback of MST’s recent blog about Delta, American and Gogo). The entire clip is, well, freaking hilarious but the in-flight stuff starts around the 2:00min mark.    

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Aircell and a golden ticket

Well, well, well. Delta wasn’t kidding when it told me on Friday to expect an announcement today describing the carrier’s planned rollout of Aircell’s Gogo Internet service. I bashed out a quick and dirty here but the key facts are that Gogo on Tuesday will go live on five Boeing MD-88s that operate shuttle service on […]

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Another Chinese customer for Panasonic and I ain’t talken Southern

China Southern Airlines in 2007 picked Panasonic’s eX2 IFE system for its future fleet of Boeing 787s so this morning’s announcement that the carrier wants eX2 installed on its five on-order Airbus A380s wasn’t the biggest surprise on the planet. What I found curious, however, was why Panasonic didn’t wait just a little bit longer, […]

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Aircell and the biz jet side of the equation

For the folks paying ultra-close attention to Aircell’s goings on (you know who you are), check out the US FAA’s “notice of proposed special conditions” concerning the Colorado-based firm’s 15 March 2007 application for a type design change to an existing STC to install additional equipment on Dassault Falcon 2000 series airplanes. “These airplanes, as […]

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Cheap and easy – Aircell proves it’s no broadband virgin

Virgin America’s decision to launch its in-flight broadband service Gogo with a plane-load of journalists and bloggers – while tying the experience into the YouTube Live event – was a bloody public relations coup. The airline, along with service provider Aircell, has received rather significant press coverage since Saturday’s flight and most of it is very positive. I only wish American […]

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Live blogging from Virgin’s Gogo launch flight (and a scoop)

Hello there RWG readers, Virgin America has just launched its in-flight connectivity service, Gogo, I’m writing this blog from 30,000ft. The aircraft is packed with journalists and we’re all putting Gogo through it’s paces. Suffice it to say that speed is just what Aircell promised – as fast as on the ground. I linked up […]

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