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American issues RFI to connectivity providers as Gogo test continues

American Airlines appears to be keeping its in-flight broadband connectivity options open. RWG can exclusively reveal that the carrier recently issued a request for information (RFI) to a range of connectivity providers. Sources say the RFI was issued after American began its trial of Aircell’s ATG-based Gogo service, which began on 25 June. A RFI […]

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Aircell on usage, discounts and porn hoopla

We’re dying to know the usage stats on Gogo but Aircell isn’t telling…yet. American Airlines this summer began offering the in-flight broadband service on its transcon fleet of Boeing 767s. “Unfortunately, I can’t release our usage stats yet. I can say that we have exceeded our usage goals to date and are happy with how usage […]

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Gogo customer and “superb” VoIP speedtest

I just received the following e-mail from a friend, who is using Aircell’s Gogo connectivity service in the sky right now. The Vonage speedtest says a lot (check out part of a screen grab below). I gotta ask, however: What’s up with the steep discounts already? Hiya! sending live from AA Flt 34 LAX-JFK – Gogo […]

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PHOTOS: All-electric braking system tested on Bombardier Global 5000 flying testbed

A Bombardier testbed aircraft equipped entirely with an all-electric braking system has executed its first flight. Bombardier’s Global 5000 flying testbed aircraft was modified by removing its hydraulically actuated brake-by-wire control system and replacing it with Meggitt’s EBrake suite. Check out the full story here. Key info from my conversation with Bombardier: Although the manufacturer […]

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American Airlines’ passengers are angels but who cares?

Aircell did its part to prevent users of its Gogo in-flight connectivity service from logging on to XXX web sites. In its “In-flight Etiquette” video the company urged: “When it comes to the sites you visit, be an angel. Remember you are in public. You wouldn’t want to shock your neighbour or reveal confidential information.” […]

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Consumer to Delta: Now that you’ve got Gogo, drop the mag

Delta Air Lines today received some good, environmentally-sound advice from a consumer – now that you are planning to offer in-flight Internet access, “maybe it is time to rethink the printing and publication of that mediocre in-flight magazine”. The comment, from an individual that refers to him/herself as “Walkabout”, was made in response to Delta’s […]

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American is hush, hush about Aircell’s Gogo

American Airlines received loads of press last week when it opted to do a soft launch of Aircell’s Gogo air-to-ground connectivity service onboard a couple of Boeing 767-200 flights. So how did the system perform during the 25 June test? That’s a bloody good question, but don’t be looking to American for the answer, and don’t expect […]

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Major Aircell news coming in June

Aircell’s new EVP of airline solutions, John Happ, will be in Washington DC during the last week of June to discuss “major news” about the company.   Happ, previously of Frontier and Continental, will hold press briefings about what is in store for Aircell, and how this will have a larger competitive impact on the […]

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In-flight connectivity update

For those of you waiting with bated breath for the launch of in-flight broadband connectivity, I’ve got some interesting news to report. Panasonic Avionics has revealed it is in the process of finalizing contracts with key partners for its eXConnect broadband system, and will shortly announce “a supplier or suppliers” for the ever-important antenna. Launch […]

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Go Go Gadget: AirCell’s cool new video and branding

I couldn’t let the weekend begin without giving a big shout-out to AirCell, which has branded its ATG connectivity service Gogo, and released an awesome online video. Check it out at www.gogoinflight.com Also take a look at the initial routes that will feature the Gogo service. I’d fly an American Airlines Boeing 767 coast-to-coast for […]

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