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Ramp it up and stretch it out – Q400 chat

Bombardier is studying whether it can ramp up production of its Q400 turboprop. At present, the barrier to increasing production has nothing to do with demand and nearly everything do with supply.   That’s because Bombardier is in the midst of a rather significant undertaking – transferring Q400 fuselage work from Japan to China and […]

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Shareholder to Bombardier: “Open your wings and name more women to the board”

Bombardier’s annual meeting of shareholders is currently underway. The company has just fielded shareholder proposals, including one that calls for better parity of men and women on the board of directors. “Open your wings and name more women on the board,” urges a Bombardier shareholder, who notes that the women of today are going “beyond […]

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Unique Russian take on Bombardier Toronto

I’m stuck into serious business today – American and American Eagle face big fleet cuts, job losses and potential facility closures. For some momentary relief, a colleague sent me this – a humorous video taken by a group of visitors to Bombardier’s Toronto facility. Check it out. Unique is the word.  

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Floating an amphibious idea: enthusiast designs widebody twin hull flying boat

What will commercial aircraft look like in the future? To answer this question, a revisit to the past might be necessary. This includes studying a possible return to seaplanes for cities within 30 miles of coastal waters, Airbus VP strategic marketing Philippe Jarry said in mid-March at the ISTAT conference in Orlando. Jarry makes a […]

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Back to Blogging after Belfast: Musings, Mumblings but no Grumblings

Last week I had the great privilege to spend some time in my favourite country, Ireland. I flew on a Continental Airlines Boeing 757 from Newark to Belfast to attend Bombardier’s pre-Farnborough briefing, and then took the train down to Dublin for a day of expensive fun (such a shame that the dollar is about […]

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US regional pressure cooker

You may be wondering why Runway Girl has been looking a little blog-lean these days. She got knocked off the catwalk due to recent illness but is tying her stilettos back on. Now let’s try to fatten her up. First order of business? Let’s talk about what’s happening to US regional carriers, and how they […]

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Déjà vu: 50-seat RJ glut appears to loom large

It seems like only yesterday that a big, nasty glut of 50-seat regional jets was being predicted, and then didn’t quite come to fruition. The threat foretold around the middle of this decade seemed to dissipate last year, as Independence Air’s RJs found homes, and as reported in May 2007 by Darren Shannon at Flight […]

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Pratt to meet with airlines on GTF later this month (cool pic)

I had a great chat yesterday with Pratt & Whitney about the geared turbofan (GTF), which is really starting to look dressed to impress these days. Pratt VP of next generation products Bob Saia told me that later this month executives will meet for a review with airlines, including a 15-member steering committee for the […]

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Embraer will not be pressured into next-gen narrowbody development

Embraer is cooking with gas, as they say. The company today reported a 61% increase in fourth quarter net profit on a 77% rise in revenue. A number of factors contributed to these gains. Discussing its results in a conference call this morning, Embraer president and CEO Frederico Fleury Curado said dedicated efforts to address […]

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Too much metal causes hard alpha cracks

It’s so nice to work with smart, savvy colleagues. Take the US Editor of Air Transport Intelligence, Lori Ranson , who joined us from the competition not so long ago, thank God, and who yesterday pointed out that the CF34-3B1 engine fan blade defect story comes on the heels of the DOT IG’s finding that […]

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