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Engine R&D boost begs political predictability

I’m knee-deep in writing about new engine technology while trying to work through some patience-stretching computer problems (my little workhorse appears to have picked up something nasty in Sin City last week…I barely let her out of my sight!). While sifting through my notes, however, I came across this gem from IATA technical and operations […]

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CSeries work could go to the USA

A few years ago Bombardier said it intended to build the CSeries wing, horizontal and vertical stabilisers, and nacelles at its structures and composites facilities in Belfast, Ireland; the cockpit in St Laurent, Quebec and conduct final assembly in Mirabel, Quebec. While these are still the “preferred sites”, they may not get the business! Negotiations […]

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CSeries not yet carved in stone but getting closer

Bombardier’s conference call to discuss the board’s authorization to offer the CSeries is about to begin. It has been slightly delayed (no doubt every aviation analyst/journalist and their brother is jumping on the webcast). While we wait, a set of musical gems from the 90s is playing, including Go West’s “King of Wishful Thinking”. You […]

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Needing More Than a Lubricated Shaft: Bombardier CRJ100/200 Flap Problem Remains Nuisance for Operators

One of the great things about being a journablogger (i.e. journalist blogger) is that I don’t have to adhere to a word count on my blog. Essentially, for better or worse, I can dump the contents of my notebook onto Runway Girl. That’s an especially nice feature when covering a story like the Bombardier CRJ100/200 […]

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CSeriously: Bombardier says it is in final downselect mode for CSeries flightdeck suppliers

Rumour has it that if Bombardier is to launch the CSeries (and I stress the word “if”), the manufacturer will select Rockwell Collins to provide the flightdeck avionics. Bombardier has been working closely with Rockwell on flightdeck avionics for the 110/130-seat CSeries for the last few years, although it has held discussions with Thales and […]

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