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VIDEO: One-on-one with AeroMobile CEO Pal Bjordal

AeroMobile is poised to have a watershed year, as airlines across the globe fit their fleets with the company’s in-flight mobile connectivity solution. I sat down with AeroMobile CEO Pal Bjordal at the company’s headquarters outside of London. Bjordal tell us what 2011 holds for AeroMobile, and what passengers can expect to do with their […]

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VIDEO: Mythbusters tackle in-flight cell phone use

It is borderline unacceptable that Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters make no mention of picocell technology in these videos, or the fact that safe in-flight cell phone calls are being made in Asia, Europe and the Middle East (talk about American-centric), but the real crime comes at the end of the second video (skip right to the […]

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Like wine from a box: a modern journalist’s tale

I work in a highly-connected world. My day consists of interviewing people (sometimes via email); writing news articles, features and blogs; pushing those news articles, features and blogs into publishing software; tweeting, retweeting, and sometimes even retweeting a tweet I’ve just tweeted from my other Twitter account (I’ve been known to get anxiety when my […]

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That’s a good start, Australia!

Just read an article from It Wire about how Australia is gearing up to allow in-flight mobile phone use, although passengers will likely be limited to GPRS and SMS. Hey, that’s a good start, Australia! US lawmakers, do you still think your Hang-Up legislation is a good idea? Honestly? Come on. Think!!!Some key pars from […]

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Private Jet Anyone? Plane Talk about BA’s A318 service

  A number of journa-bloggers have tried British Airways’ new transatlantic Airbus A318 service between London City airport and New York JFK. But few have broken down the experience in a really in-depth fashion. That’s why I asked Plane Talking, the self-described “fuelling aviation conversation” web site, to write a guest blog and describe what it […]

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Details of 787 connectivity RFI revealed

“What is your ability to support delivery on the 787 in the 3rd quarter 2011?” That’s one of the questions being asked by Boeing in a request for information (RFI) for an Inmarsat SwiftBroadband-supported satcom interface and onboard mobile telephony installation for the 787. NOTE: The RFI, obtained by yours truly, is, by nature of […]

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Highly connected Oman A330 about to roll off the line

  The Airbus A330-300 that will be delivered to Oman Air on 27 November is special for a number of reasons. The aircraft, MSN1063, will boast Thales IFE and outrageous first class “mini-suites” (outrageous in a good way, see above). But it will also be the first commercial widebody to go into service with Airbus’ ALNA v2 […]

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An email from British Airways’ OnAir-equipped A318

I just heard from my colleage, David Kaminski-Morrow, who is on a test flight of British Airways’ new transatlantic A318 right now. He sent me the following: Mary I thought it fitting that you be the first ATI recipient of an email from BA’s first A318, (courtesy of OnAir!). DKM (At 38,000ft, somewhere over the Netherlands) So […]

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Read this before you knock yourself out

The lads and ladies of IFE&C are keeping me well on my toes these days. In addition to the RWG blog, I’m spearheading Flight Global’s new IFE&C news channel, where we’re making every effort to run fresh content daily, like the latest news on digEcor’s move to become a total IFE solutions provider. If you’ve got news […]

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Pissing matches, Skype calls and aircraft anointing

I’ve returned from my holiday to find a mountain of stuff just begging for a blogging outlet. And when that happens, we need a News and Rumour roundup. So let’s get this party started. For those who have not been clicking onto Flight Global’s new IFE&C channel, let me urge you to start doing so. Last week […]

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