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Row 44 takes Panasonic to task over FCC application

Panasonic Avionics’ application for US FCC authority to operate an aeronautical mobile satellite service earth station network in the Ku-band has made in-flight connectivity rival Row 44 rather hot under the collar. In what will surely give the industry a case of déjà vu (remember ViaSat’s long-running objection to Row 44′s application?), Row 44 is […]

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SAS to offer in-flight connectivity (again)

SAS is using FaceBook to break the news that it intends to offer in-flight mobile and Internet connectivity on both European and intercontinental routes. There is no word yet on whether this former Connexion by Boeing customer has opted to offer OnAir’s mobile and Wi-Fi solutions (which are supported by Inmarsat SwiftBroadband) or another offering […]

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VIDEO: A look back at the future

Once upon a time, Boeing offered in-flight high-speed Internet on a couple hundred aircraft (including aircraft operated by Lufthansa, Korean, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and Singapore Airlines.)But Connexion’s existence wasn’t that long ago. While everyone waits with baited breath for carriers to again offer Ku-band satellite-based connectivity on a broad […]

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Top five most important IFEC moments of 2009

Following on from last year’s “2008 top five”, here is my list of the top five most important in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) moments of 2009. Please feel free to weigh in with your on thoughts on the matter. 1)    Southwest Airlines agrees to equip entire 500-plus aircraft fleet with Row 44′s Ku-band satellite-based in-flight […]

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Big bandwidth for big boys’ toys

Panasonic Avionics likes to do things BIG. That’s why the in-flight entertainment and communications (IFEC) giant, which is bringing its eXConnect Ku-band connectivity solution to market, is offering business jet operators a special eXTraBandwidth package, which “provides a tiered offering of guaranteed, consistent bandwidth for high quality communications, such as dedicated voice, video conferencing and […]

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Would airlines come to Aircell’s rescue (if it needs it)?

I wonder if Aircell’s airline customers are tad peeved at the latest turn of events. The positive publicity they’ve enjoyed in the media – including on this blog – for bringing in-flight Internet to passengers is diminishing, as everybody and their brother questions the viability of the Gogo fee-for-service model, and as a growing number […]

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An agenda for global Ku-band connectivity?

What is the Alliance for Passenger Connectivity, which boasts several members, including Arinc, AeroMobile, Panasonic, ViaSat, Rockwell Collins and others? The alliance’s web site says it is a “coalition of companies dedicated to enabling passengers and crew on board aircraft to stay connected while in flight” and that it will “also serve to aid regulators […]

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United, United, United…

Three interesting things about United Airlines today:1) The carrier is testing new slim seats on a single Boeing 757. Check out the following airliners.net posting. Will slim seats – the likes of which we discussed here – accommodate fat passengers? Silly question RWG.2) United confirms it is studying connectivity solutions for its overseas flights. I […]

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Lufthansa to announce broadband plan in Aug; eyes narrowbody connectivity

Lufthansa in mid- to late-August will make an announcement concerning its plan to reintroduce broadband connectivity on its overseas flights using the Connexion by Boeing (CBB) antennas still installed on those aircraft. Speaking today at the WAEA single focus workshop in Everett, Lufthansa head of cabin interior and IFE Peter Lewalter confirmed the German operator […]

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Tim Farrar takes a stab at the math

Tim Farrar of TMF Associates took a gander at my recent blog about Connexion by Boeing’s numbers – and how one industry insider believes “voice can close the gap” – and the analyst figured he might as well chime in with a few thoughts of his own. Farrar takes a rather more pessimistic view of […]

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