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Upturned bathtubs…Lufthansa may fly Connexion replacement in ’09, says CEO

Lufthansa CEO Wolfgang Mayrhuber yesterday told a roundtable of journalists at the Wings Club in NY that the German operator is still in negotiations with various Ku band-based connectivity providers but that it could offer in-flight Internet “as early as next year”. It is no secret that the launch customer for now-defunct Connexion by Boeing […]

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And ViaSat makes three…Let the Ku-band race begin

I know what you’re thinking fellow in-flight connectivity enthusiasts. That third Ku-band-based connectivity provider – ViaSat – has fully emerged and Runway Girl has made nary a recent mention. Oh ye of little faith.   We’ve known for some time that ViaSat was interested in getting into the game. To be fair, however, the extent […]

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Turn it off: The in-flight porn debate that is…

The old in-flight porn debate has reared its big ugly head. With a slew of US majors bringing WiFi connectivity on board their aircraft, the question of whether they should regulate content is now splattered across the news. American Airlines, which recently became the first US carrier to offer broadband, has opted to provide unfiltered […]

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Boingo looks skyward again

A few years ago WiFi hotspot aggregator Boingo added Boeing’s Connexion to its list of roaming partners. Boingo users were given access to Connexion’s high-speed connectivity services via their existing Boingo accounts. It was a sweet little arrangement (albeit short-lived due to Connexion’s demise). It is also the type of partnership we are likely to […]

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Replacing Connexion: Tim Farrar talks about the challenge

A long-time consultant in the satellite and telecom industries, Tim Farrar of Telecom, Media and Finance Associates has given some truly insightful perspective on the in-flight connectivity scene. In an October 2006 report, he predicted that it would be very difficult to resurrect the Connexion by Boeing service without a very large financial commitment from […]

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