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AirTran passengers call for HDTV, as LTV3 launches

Continental Airlines has quietly started offering passengers LiveTV’s newest live television service LTV3 on a single Boeing 737. So why didn’t the airline do a big press splash? Other than obvious competitive reasons (I mean, come on, this is going to be the most kick-ass live TV offering in the skies), I’m not quite certain. […]

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IFE&C news and rumour roundup (April 2)

Amended to firm up rumour section! NEWS I was asked by a fair reader if Air Canada intends to charge for Aircell’s Gogo in-flight Internet service just like its American counterparts. Aircell director, airline solutions Dave Bijur confirms that indeed it will. “Like all of our existing partnerships, Air Canada will offer its guests a […]

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Continental to launch 80-channel live TV system this month

So said Continental Airlines chief operating officer Jeff Smisek at the JP Morgan conference today. I’ve written about Continental’s plan in the past, so check out the following link for more info. Yes, the carrier is slightly delayed in bringing this to market. It hoped to have the system running last month. But what’s a month […]

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News and views plus a flooze and vibrant hues

A lot of IFE&C&I (in-flight entertainment and connectivity and interiors) stuff is piling up around me and so a “news and views” blog is in order. Please excuse my made-up acronym. It is useful for this little exercise. Firstly, I’m delighted to report that I’ve received a number of answers in the affirmative to my 18 December question: “Can we […]

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Twelve years later Continental is back on the Money

Continental Airlines’ recent announcement that it intends to offer live television to every passenger on much of its domestic fleet may have given some airline and IFE industry veterans a serious case of déjà vu. That’s because the carrier’s plan was revealed well over 12 years ago! It was 18 September 1996 when USA Today’s […]

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Continental admits 80-channel LiveTV system; Bravo JetBlue!

I’ve been waiting for this day for several weeks. Continental Airlines has finally confirmed it will offer LiveTV’s brand spanking new 80-channel live television system on its domestic Boeing narrowbodies. For the very dedicated RWG readers among you, LiveTV’s deal with Continental is not a surprise. While Continental originally signed up for LiveTV’s second generation […]

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LiveTV: Eagle is out of the canary cage

Not so very long ago, a then nubile Runway Girl blog noted that the adoption by US carriers of in-seat live satellite television – together with connectivity services – was a growing trend. Despite serious industry challenges of late, some airlines are keen to keep this trend alive. And LiveTV appears well-placed to capture a nice […]

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US Airways scales back A330 plan: Sign of things to come?

Narrowbody deferrals have become a frequent occurrence around these parts, as US airlines struggle to survive the onslaught of sky-high fuel prices and a weakening economy. Thus far, however, widebody delivery schedules – and orders – remain largely untouched as international growth continues to help offset the domestic downturn. But there may be trouble ahead. […]

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USA’s blood red ink a stark contrast to Farnborough action

No matter which way you slice it, the Farnborough air show has been a marvel of activity this week with massive aircraft and engine orders from plenty of non-US airlines, a slew of cooperative agreements and MRO deals, and the launch of Bombardier’s CSeries programme (although with a letter of interest from Lufthansa, we might […]

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Sweetness and Licht – US Airways shareholders keep it interesting

US Airways’ annual shareholders meeting was nothing if not entertaining today. Outspoken shareholder Evelyn Y Davis, also known as the ‘Queen of the Corporate Jungle’, dressed down management for lots of “outrageous” things like holding the event on the same day as Continental Airlines’ shareholders meeting and for considering a so-called “virtual merger”. Shareholders seemed […]

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